Five Haitian Teens Dead In A Hotel Room In Miami Florida

BAD NEWS From Miami - 5 Haitian teens entered a hotel room in Miami for a birthday party... None of them came out alive...

This happened on Sunday December 26, 2010, the day after Christmas, 19 year old Haitian-American Juchen Marctial borrowed a car and rented a hotel room with his friends so they can celebrate his birthday party.

When they arrived at the hotel, they left the car running in the garage right below their hotel room. they went inside, and they were found dead in an exhaust-filled room the following afternoon.

According to authorities, Juchen Marctial died along with his friends, Peterson Nazon, 17, Jonas Antenor, 17, Jean Pierre Ferdinand, 16, and Evans Charles, 19, all Miami residents.

It is so sad to hear about this. Christmas is a time for us to celebrate not to mourn.

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Hope says...

I'm so sad for the family of those boy who are died in that hotel on the boxing day christmas eve toute mes cordoleance au proche de ces jeunes gens qui ont perdus leur fils et leur ami brother and sisters we need to be strong and happy newyear 2011 god bless you

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Bernadette says...

I beg to differ there is absolutely nothing wrong with five boys checking in a hotel to celebrate among themselves and have some good clean fun. The contrary would have looked disgraceful to me. Picture this: 5 boys, 5 girls, 1 room = Orgy. Is this what you would call normal.

The parents of these fine young boys have done a great job raising them. It seems like they had great respect for women.

They were just planning to have some good old clean cut fun. You can tell they were novice as they were not in the habit of snicking in hotel rooms.

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Geraldine says...

I don't understand 5 boys no girl go to a hotel to celebrate a birthday party something wrong.

I have to pray for they

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Bernadette says...

It seems to me this is a random accident.

One kid who was relying on the other one to turn the car off. No one actually checked to make sure that they car was off and the rightful owner to take his keys back. This is very sad that a situation to was to mean a celebration ended so tragic.

But my mind keep wandering where were the agents or the managers of that hotel?

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Miejo says...

helas! a room four 5 boys for a birthday party?

Houm! why rent to underage kids?

why the car was running?

any way we need to spent more time with our kids, we need to educate our kids too much is too much!
very sad to see that we dont have controle over our kids we need help

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Yvette Duverge says...

It is time to pray. The families of these young people need our prayers.

may God grant them peace and comfort at this time. may God bless all of you

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Cantave Joseph says...

I remember, there was an incident like this in Haiti.when the population found five gentlemen died in a room at Hinche by

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Harodl Fleurine says...

When should we stop getting bad news from the Haitians community! I deeply sad for those 5 youngs kids I mean the year 2010 is a history year for

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Kenol Aris says...

I am deeply sad and I regret that these teens did not have a chance to listen to one of my radio shows.

I have touched this topic several times on 1700 AM and 980 AM.
My heart goes to their families.

Me Kenol Aris
President de FAREHD ( Federation des Associations Regionales Haitiennes de la

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Charles Amicy says...

It is really a time to mourn but not to celebrate.

However, I hope that the authorities in Miami will try to find out more details about those

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