I am deeply sorry if my message has offended you it was not...

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I am deeply sorry if my message has offended you it was not intentional but to tell you the truth since i have been invited on this site i make it as a pledge to express my opinions or to share other's opinions as well. I only express nonviolence message .I believe i got more pleasure on it than to partake on certain people's opinions on certain topics.

You are right i should not have mentioned the name of the Pope in this topic but nevertheless maybe my message could never have reached someone as it reaches you. As i said no one has to kill so many people without prove.

If they were guilty of charge so be it, kill all of them. My questions for you are, which science do the priests are using?

what was the Babel tower?

who were involved in the tower?

where is the babylonian 's name comes from and what name it has today?

why God was so upset at that time?

what took place after all these events?

I don't want to be out my place i will suggest you run your imagination a little wide and beyond your history in the bible from genesis to today then read these two chapters to have a start Mathew 23 and 24 then sit down and relax yourself i know you can do it, just ask yourself what is the purpose of these people?

what Jesus meant by this?

what are they hiding from us?I'm not here to judge anybody.

Just to express how i feel about the great to the least.

As long as someone is promoting love, rebuilding the system from wrong to right i will be besides you to my best ability.

Peace my brother.

( se mwen ki di'l)

Max, December 27 2010, 10:26 AM

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Topic: Voodoo Murders In Haiti - 45 Vodouisants Killed

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Potestan apnea nou tie yon ak lot pande ke yap m read more >
Garry Dstin, 26-Dec-10 10:01 am
This is an outrage! Action must be taken. What must we give, what must happen to regain a sense of peace and humanity? Our people struggle with... read more >
The Divine Prince, 26-Dec-10 10:22 am
very very sad, Haitian should think haitian, it should be the 1st thing to discuss with the haitian population,CHOLERA IS NOT PROVOKE BY BAD... read more >
Miejo, 26-Dec-10 11:38 am
First of all i personally don't like Voodoo. Every time i hear some stories about how people or infants get killed by magic it makes me thrilled.Yet... read more >
Max, 26-Dec-10 2:28 pm
My Friend, Voodou has nothing to see with the cholera disease but voodou is something sensitive and well educated peoples have give up upon in... read more >
Pastor Dorcinvil Wilkesse, 26-Dec-10 7:57 pm
Why you include the Pope in your thing? Please when you have to talk about your evil don't even think of the catholic church I see who you are and... read more >
Louis, 26-Dec-10 8:34 pm
well put although i dont practice voodoo i respect the fact that it is the pure natural ways of afro-human praising God and what is wrong in... read more >
Jean Compas Vizyonlakay, 27-Dec-10 12:01 am
send me info jcompas12 at gmail.com read more >
Jean Compas Vizyonlakay, 27-Dec-10 12:12 am
In the end we will succed but meanwhile the devil will destroy most of our population because of our love and innocence. God will destroy the devil... read more >
Garry Dstin, 27-Dec-10 9:45 am
I am deeply sorry if my message has offended you it was not intentional but to tell you the truth since i have been invited on this site i make it... read more >
Max, 27-Dec-10 10:26 am
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