My, my, my, why the word " emotion " is doing here in a simple...

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My, my, my, why the word " emotion " is doing here in a simple topic as vodou.

I do believe dear friend whoever is dealing with religion must not be emotional.

Show me any leader in the world who is emotional .None.

Any leader who is emotional will never last long. Because it shows part of your weakness.

Thats why crime involve to hide their weakness.

I 100% agree with you " a man without the knowledge of his history is a tree without roots " I do understand that part, but let us not say history but religion's history.

How it began, how we embrace it, or we twisted it to suit ourselves to our needs and how we reject it. Before we go further, a simple example, all of us know that Aristide was a priest right, he was educated in a seminar, right, what they taught him inside you and i don't know right because we were not there right, do you believe they only taught him verses from the bible .And you and i have spent so much times from sunday's school until our old age we still do not know the bible.

Are we less intelligent than those men. Nope, do not underestimate yourself unless if you never try a bit.Ok let me help you a bit somewhere, take Moses first for instance, when he went to Pharaoh with Aaron what type of exhibition was going there in Egypt.

Do you remember of the events who took place there.good.

God wanted to show mankind that he is the greatest of all the gods that we as mankind worshiping and catholic church is not worshiping God, in return they began to show ingratitude to God by showing they can do thing as well .Whom were they worshiping?

Not God, otherwise these events couldn't never taking place and the history began...If you feel a little bit lazy to read the bible.

There are some free short movies you can download to help you so far. ( World's last Chance ) on top of this page I would suggest you download as much you can. Remember I'm not here to preach but to share.

If you want more details feel free to reply (se nwen ki di'l)

Max, December 27 2010, 11:24 PM

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Marie Elie, 27-Dec-10 12:47 pm
I can only reply at this point to say that you need to do more research on this very complex topic. I do understand your emotions but it takes a lot... read more >
Claude R Craan, 27-Dec-10 5:00 pm
My, my, my, why the word " emotion " is doing here in a simple topic as vodou. I do believe dear friend whoever is dealing with religion must not be... read more >
Max, 27-Dec-10 11:24 pm
Charm, 28-Dec-10 8:26 am
You see how insanes Haitians are and uneducated non informed people can create a world of disaster. read more >
Ray Archer, 28-Dec-10 12:26 pm
"You do better when you know better". We cannot call them "uneducated", and "non informed". We need to blame the leaders, and the crooks who did not... read more >
Josy, 29-Dec-10 12:50 am
Avec anpil regre sa pase consa nan peyi a sou de bon citoyen Ayisyen.Mwen panse si Haiti te gen vreman yon gouveneman ki tap foncsyone selon la loi... read more >
Sergo Jean, 29-Dec-10 11:13 am
Josy is absolutely right. Another good group that does something similar is Compassion. If each of us help a child, a lot of children can get help... read more >
Brian Sitterley, 5-Jan-11 10:54 pm
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