VODOU: One of the MOST ORGANIC and NATURAL forms of spirituality!

Amazing Vodou Photo - Vodouisant making her request to the Lwa
VODOU - known to most as voodoo after Hollywood coined the term in the 1920s - is feared because of ignorance BUT... Photojournalist Anthony Karen considers vodou to be one of the MOST ORGANIC and natural forms of spirituality... Do you share that feeling or do you FEAR vodou as well???

There are two things associated with Vodou, I think, is the most misunderstood are:

  1. The Sacrifices
  2. The dark side of Vodou

Anthony give his opinion about the two

As with any religion, there is a dark side to Vodou, when channeled through a Bokor (a sorcerer of sorts) but this is not common practice, and in fact it's extremely rare and often looked down upon by many Vodouisants themselves.

Meanwhile, the practice of sacrificing animals and drinking their blood is misunderstood in Western society, he believes, and rather than being sinister these are a celebration of strength and being at one with nature.

'The practice of sacrificing animals is a sacred ritual, which means feeding the spiritual bodies and entities through the angels of the earth,' Karen said, adding that such rituals are not exclusive to Haiti or the Vodou faith.

'It is like recycling and regrouping the various energies to strengthen the body and the soul to assist in living this human experience.'

Want to read more? Take a look Inside the rituals of Haiti's 'Vodou' faith: Powerful photographs capture priestesses as they invoke spirits and perform sacrifices

It is unfortunate, Anthony says, that it vodou chastised as much as it is...

The sad fact is, VODOU is chastised in large part by Haitians themselves. Most Haitian Christians simply HATE vodou without even understanding the religion... "It's Satanism" most will say...

So to read an article calling vodou "one of the most organic and natural forms of spirituality," that makes me say WOW!!!!

What do you think about that?

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Maggy Gousse Vaudoun goes all the way back to the beginning of time from the Egyptian to Haitians, Brezilians or even the Philippines there are Vaudoun (voodoo... see more
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