VIDEO Reportage - First Bus MADE IN HAITI Inside and Out

Watch a video reportage of the first bus made in Haiti as it was presented to the Haiti ministry of commerce and Industry and the interview of Haitian inventor Jean-Paul Coutard... Haiti commerce minister Wilson Laleau says the Government of Haiti is ready to invest into young Coutard, the inventor, and in the fabrication of the autobus.

Haiti Commerce minister Wilson Laleu says...

"We've been to Cuba, we see how they fabricate these buses, by hand. We've been to Vietnam, it is the same thing. And they are using their own buses to reduce their dependency on foreign import, especially on things they can produce themselves..."

Watch the video...

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Yves Bien Aime Economiste says...

Reduce Haiti, s dependency on foreign goods that was my main argument when I was publishing La mecanique de l, Auto after I wona Nobel prize in Auto economics in 1996, at time I designed the 8 points of Haiti first automachine a caractere agricole 4 cylinder engine in (L) very simple for Haiti, see more face or google, College the Yba Network

Dr.Yves Bien

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Steve Andre says...


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Donald says...

C'est magnifique !!!! Great job.

Courage, que le Dieu tout puissant vous dirige, et vous protege dans vos

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Jonathan says...

This is a really super idea. I hope you continue to help the young generation in Haiti and God will help you and provide you the help you need to build a company in Haiti.

May God bless you for the good

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Almando says...

Mwen kontan, mwen fye de fre mwen sa a. Ann ankouraje li

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Jacquet Mayson says...

Big up to you my man, hope you keep it up and don't be discourage even though life does not go like you want it to go.

God bless

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Calixte Guerrier says...

This is excellent.

The haitian National is very intelligent; they can reproduce like any other nation.

If I have to sell my shoes to help them out, I will.
May God continue to help and to bless you all.
Calixte Guerrier, Ancient Candidat a la Presidence

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Patrick Princivil says...

Félicitation pour Jean Peaul Coutar,

chapeau ba pou li, que BonDieu béni li, mwen mandé BonDieu poul baré criminels yo pou yo pa bal poisons.

Mwen mandé BonDieu poul fèl vini multi milyonè, konsa Haïti a va sousé yon

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Fredrica Dugue says...

love your country, dont let them buy your mind and your brain.

we love because we will need you next five years be careful of u.s.a because we can build cars, trucks and buses just like them or better than

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Fusnel Telfort says...

toutes mes felicitations mon cher cousin.

Tu as reelement fait la fierte de notre pays et plus specialement la

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