VIDEO - Oprah Winfrey In Haiti, First Look...

Watch this video, a first look at Oprah Winfrey in Haiti.

Oprah Winfrey toured a tent city for Haitians displaced by a massive 2010 earthquake under tight security Monday, with a local photographer detained for about 90 minutes as he tried to cover the event.

Is this just a show to Oprah or does she actually care?

Let's wait and see...

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Paultre Pierre Desrosiers says...

Thanks for visiting Haiti Oprah.

Your presence and concern for this land is a powerful symbol.

We appreciate every help that will

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Josy says...

Oprah really cares about the poor all over the world, and I can assure you this is not a show. She has enough money to just stay in one of her homes in Hawai, or California and she chose to visit places.

She does not need the publicity, and certainly not the money.

Oprah is a giver, and her visit is good for

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Patrick says...

Our country needs to change according to our own vision.

No one else's. Come on people! It's about time we make it

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Patrick says...

Most of your comments suggest that you are waiting for a savior from a diffent country to come save Haiti.

Why don't you all get off your hinds and make Haiti what you want it to be. I know you all love Haiti.

Our country will only change for the better when we wake up and realize that no one will do it for us. The sacrifice is ours to make. Not Oprah's, not the NGO's. Ours! Of cource we should welcome any genuine help. But why have we become so dependent?

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Jo says...

Took Oprah a life time to come and visit the first free black nation in the world.

L;avenir nous diras si elle est sincere ou

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Jr says...

Everybody is busy, but they all took the time out of their busy schedule to come visit and see whats up ( almost 2 years ago)
so How much did she helped when the earthquake happen?

How much money did she send?

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Miejo says...

You are not sure of what?

Haitians must take care of Haiti, Haitians are the ones knowing what Haiti needs, Oprah a very beasy person had found time to come to visit Haiti, It's a very good thing for her to do. I love Oprah very dearly, I am happy she came for her friend, and at the same time she is visiting our land- Oprah you are wellcome any

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Jr says...

I am not sure why some of you are happy that Oprah is in Haiti, If yall recall the earthquake was a almost 2 years ago, If she really wanted to help she could have done it when the earthquake actually Happened, if she really wanted to visit she could have done it a couple years ago, Oprah dont care about Haitian people or what they are going through, if you listen to that little bit of video, she mentioned she is there to See her " friend" Sean Penn and his organization, and she made sure to mention about her so call " new" show, coincidence?

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Carolle says...

As powerfull as Oprah is, she never forgot where she came from!! She has done so much for the world; and if she took time from her busy scheduled to visit our native country I beleive she will do everytning in her power to help Haiti!!!

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

I am longing for the time when the visit of any foreigner, celebrities or otherwise is a "Fait

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