VIDEO: Compas Music in Spanish... Take a look...

Can Dominicans Sing Compas Music... Apparently they can... Watch this video...

Dominican Singer Don Forzani - Ciudad Kompa

Ciudad Kompa - Mi Amor es Para Siempre

Last week, my Dominican brother-in-law was listening to a rendition of Joe Jack's music Port Salut (Istwa Pere Baron Nan Tobek) by Clifford Sylvain with a Bachata beat... He was so shocked... I'm telling you... It's like Bachata in Haitian Creole.

And now... He brings me this video, it is a band called Ciudad Kompa, singing Compas Music in Spanish. The singer's name is Don Forzani.

Take a good look at the video, there is one face you may recognize in there.


Do you think this could draw more Spanish customers towards Compas Music?

What do you think about all of this?

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Luna Fleur says...

I really like that song! I believe music is one language we all can understand especially love music go Don keep up the great work God

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Tymoye says...

yes it sound great wait until you listen to my tracks in english plus spanish it is my dream to bring the beauty of konpa to the other culture thx for

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Incognito says...

Can someone tell me where I can find Bachata-type rendition of Joe Jack's music Port Salut (Istwa Pere Baron Nan Tobek) by Clifford Sylvain, that is mentioned in the

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Lyne says...

I believe it would draw people being that it's naturally so affectionately infectious.

There's no doubt in my opinion and being that we're next door to the Dominicans that it could draw Caribbean Spanish speakers.

The song in the video itself sounds like it seamlessly belongs in that music

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Reginald says...

It seems like the musicians are Haitians brother so its really not Spanish Kompa more like a

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