Haiti News Updates

Farewell to a Journalism Icon: Remembering Liliane Pierre-Paul of Radio Kiskeya

Liliane Pierre Paul, Haitian Journalist On Monday 31 July, 2023, Radio Kiskeya announced the death of their famous journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul over the air. The Haitian media was mourning the death of one their best. more »

Haitian Creole: Why it is important to speak your native language to your child

Bragging - Fè Djòlè (Haitian Creole) Most Haitians, as soon as they leave Haiti, move to another country and begin to speak a different language just barely, they stop speaking Creole to their children and only want to communicate in the foreign tongue. This is a very bad habit and we need to fix that. more »

An American Priest in Haiti brokers a Peace Pledge between 4 rival gangs while the Government cannot or will not

A signed peace agreement between 4 rival gangs in Haiti An American priest from North Philadelphia manages to do what Haitian government officials are either unwilling or unable to do: Get four rival gangs to sit down and sign a peace agreement so that the people in the Cite Soleil slum of Port-Au-Prince can breathe. more »

Insecurity vs Criminality - Haitians have it all Confused and it is making the country look bad

Jean Jean Roosevelt Surrounded by Police in Mirebalais Haiti Every time a petty crime is committed in Haiti, the Haitian media shouts: "insecurity is going up in Haiti". Why is it that this word "insecurity" is never used for crimes committed in the United States. more »

100 Haitian Gourdes for 1 Us Dollar - The Day Haiti's Worst Nightmare Became a Reality

The Haitian Gourde vs The US Dollar Haitians have long feared that one day you will need 100 gourdes for one U.S. dollar. Back in April 2020, Haitian newspaper Le Nouveliste reported that the fear became a reality. As of early April 2020 you needed 100 Haitian gourdes for one U.S. dollar. It's gotten worse since. more »

Bonbon Siwo gou, se le grangou nan bouda w

There is an old trick that people and governments have been using for a very long time. They identify something you want badly, they deprive you of it. Soon enough they will give you a little taste of something resembling what you want and, yummy, the best you ever had! more »

Haitian-American Karine Jean-Pierre makes history as first black US White House Press Secretary

Karine Jean-Pierre, first black woman US White House Press Secretary Born of Haitian parents in Martinique, Karine Jean-Pierre will make history has the first black White House press secretary of the United States. Karine Jean-Pierre will assume office on May 13th 2022. more »

Anyone with a gun in Haiti automatically becomes an authority and we become his bitch

Haitians are screaming down with kidnapping but no one is coming to the rescue, not the government not the so call friends of Haiti Haitians, are we so conditioned to be good slaves that we accept anyone who claims power as our boss? more »

11,000 Dominican soldiers are at the Haitian Border. What is about to happen in Haiti?

Dominican Republic sends 11,000 military troops to the Haitian border The Dominican republic government has deployed over 11,000 soldiers along its entire border Haiti. Does the Dominican government knows something that we don't? more »

Popular radio stations in Haiti are shutting down because of the fuel crisis.

Many radio programs in Haiti are coming to a halt because there is a shortage of fuel at the pumps. more »