The Bassin Zim Water Fall Near Hinche, Haiti last time I went to Hinche, Haiti, my hometown, I took 119 pictures of the Basin Zim water fall.

Bassin Zim is one of the hidden treasures of Haiti, a place that the local government can use to generate electricity and promote tourism in the Plateau Central.

You notice I did not say the government, nor mention I say Rene Preval.

Rene Preval is from Marmelade. Chances are Preval will be more worried about growing Bamboos in Marmelade than attracting tourism in my hometown of Hinche, Haiti.

In the mean time, thousands of gallons of water per second are being wasted in the Bassin Zim Water Fall, A beautiful cave is left unexplored, not one watt of electricity is being generated from Bassin Zim, not a single tourist is paying to see Bassin Zim, not one dime of revenue is being generated by Bassin Zim.

Instead Haitian Government officials with no vision continue to beg the international community for "MORE MONEY PLEASE!" instead of asking "HOW CAN BASSIN ZIM GENERATE INCOME FOR US?"

You see, Mr. Government official, your brain is a very powerful tool. if you ask it the question "How Can I?" instead of saying "I CANNOT" it's designed to always give you an answer.

But first... You have to ask.

Now... Repeat after me:

"How can I turn Bassin Zim into a money making machine, a power generating water fall, and a tourist magnet to benefit the Plateau Central in Haiti?"

"How can I generate electricity from the Bassin Zim water fall to electrify Hinche, Los Palis, Thomassique, Papaye, Pignon, and Maissade?"

"How can I...?"

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Nonaya says...

First of all you are right there are an estimated 4 million in the haitian diaspora, and they are successful people, many of whom are doctors, lawyers etc. I say this to reply to the gentle men that referred to his countrymen as losers, if you were in a country that had nothing and did not have goverment support what would you do, it is up to the diaspora to make these changes because the people of haiti are voiceless and the goverment is to be blamed for the condition that the country is in. You Jean Vivk Sorel have more power to change hinche then a local Hinche men. STOP BLAMING OTHERS AND DO SOMETHING, INSTEAD OF POINTING FINGERS MY UNCLE OPENED AND ORPHANAGE IN HINCHE AND I PLAN TO DONATE AND AM LOOKING INTO HELPING THE VARIOUS FOUNDATION, ITS EASY TO LAY BACK IN YOUR COMFORTABLE HOME AND POINT FINGERS ON A FULL STOMACH, BUT YOU ARE NOT THE SOLUTION, IN FACT YOU ARE PART OF THE

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Maude Appolon Fursberg says...

Mon Cher Jean-Vick comment vas tu?

es tu encore en Allemagne?

Quand viendras tu visiter Hinche et Bassin Zim encore une fois?

Gunther et moi t'attendons chez nous a petion ville pour aller visiter Bassin Zim peut etre pour la derniere

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Mike Raymond says...

I know what you mean if every citizen in every town try to builds things in there town busnisses things like hotels put their heads togethere to build roads in their town and clean their town we would not even need the government one thing that haitian should relize is that if just keep waiting without we doing anything ourselves we will not go anywhere if we start doing people will want to do too so us haitains abroad have to start doing things in the country stop being scared don't keep all of our wealth in the U.S some of us after leaving haiti does not want anything to do with and for some if they could erase their haitian past they

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Mike Raymond says...

You are a very smart man thank you for this very important piece of information.

As im sure most people have said not many people in haiti knows how to use natural resources to better the country and not all of them have the knowledge so its up to us who knows those type of things to take action I understand that we don't have money and other resources to go about this but im sure that bring this idea to the president or anyone who has power in the country they will probly act on it but anyway I think that we should look further into trying to put this plan in action lets see if we can get more people to see this and inform them about it.
Once again thank you!
An nou ede ayiti lets stop relying on others to come and save us when we can do it ourselve remember we are independent first black nation at that too so lets represent
Once again thank

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Jonjon1804 says...

This is the typical Haitian diarrhea a of the mouth: groundless, thoughtless, and inarticulate (grammatically as usual)

"You notice I did not say the government, nor mention I say Rene Preval."
-What the heck does the above statement mean?

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Saintil Elie says...

Yeah, this is saintil elie speaking:As we can see, Bassin Zim is a way where people can take a look it's seem like a beach where we can take a rest but there's a lot of work we can do to gether to improve the situation.There's no good way to go there and it require to build some little house around it just to encourage our tourist.Let's put to gether to rebuild Bassin Zim.
Thank you saintil

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Itiswhatitis says...

We dont rely on the government to do everything, but you have to admit that it is corrupt and it does very little to help the people, of course Haiti has plenty of potential but do we really need more people coming in to the country.

Once we have been able to redevelop and organize ourself, the country and our government maybe we can think about trism sites.

Thousand are homeless, jobles, hungary and ill. That is a priority.

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Jean-vick Sorel says...

I was also born in Hinche, at the tender age of 12 yrs. old my father took my sister and I, to see bassin Zim I can never forget that site!!!!
Now at my old age of 60yrs.

living in Europe, I saw what could be done with such beautyful gift from

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Rony Balde says...

I believe that it is time for Haitians not to rely on governement to do everything.

We have thousands of Haitians in the diaspora that are able to make Bassin Zim an interesting site where tourists from all over the world can come to Haiti and ask to visit Bassin Zim. The problem is the lack of unity, vision, leadership, and trust.

let us organize a group whose spirits are not greedy for money and thirsty for political power and share the vision to build Bassin Zim in a very attractive way to enhance economic growth.

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Michael Henry says...

waterfall is sweet.

i was there on

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