Marriott Hotels & Resorts wanted to build more Hotels North, Centre and Western Haiti. What happened?

Marriott Hotels & Resorts went on a mission seeking new opportunities in Haiti because they wanted to build more than one hotel in the country? Marriott had big plans for the tourism industry in Haiti. So what happened?

Marriott Hotel in Haiti - Miniature Plan
Marriott Hotel in Haiti - Miniature Plan

Back in November 2014, a large delegation of Marriott Hotels & Resorts officials visited Northern Haiti, the Central Plateau (Centre Haiti), and Western Haiti. For 3 days, from 18 to 21 November, they searched of new investment opportunities.

This news came directly from the Ministry of Tourism of the time.

During the visit, Marriott officials visited Bassin Zim (near Hinche Haiti), Parc National Historique, and Labadie/Labadee near Cap Haitien.

Bassin Zim Waterfall - Hanging out in Haiti

Labadie Haiti, hanging out in one of the public beaches in the Labadie peninsula

The Marriott group also explored the Southeast region of Haiti, the ministry of Tourism said, with guided tours to Bassin Bleu, a natural water site located 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) northwest of the city of Jacmel and the historic Jacmel city center.

Bassin Bleu Haiti, one of the prettiest all natural swimming holes in Haiti

It was the best news of the time for every Haitian who want to see their island country progress, especially Haitian-Americans who dream everyday of seeing more tourism opportunities in Haiti.

For a company like Marriott to show interest in other parts of the country it meant that Haiti was open for business after all.

So what happened?

Nobody knows, slowly but surely those who benefit from the poverty and chaos pulled the country back into the hell hole and these beautiful projects went back to the drawer .

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Will says...

congratulation good luck i keep you on my pray

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Juodel says...

In All the others Caribbean nations investers are well come. from all over the world and they are doing well with the tourist Why not Haiti.

It's time for Haitiens to Know this time was due for too long.

Please well come investers in Haiti and also please welcome the tourist in Haiti.for a

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Francky says...

I really appreciate this opportunity if Marriott put a new hotel in the north of Haiti, as I'm a student who are licensed in tourism hospitality management that can help me get a job there in my town.

And that's will help more young people who have talents to helping with this company and help with economy of the country, we have so much resources we cannot explore them because not much of us who know where they are. May God bless Haiti, may Marriott get this opportunity to build a new hotel and some of new company might follow

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Jack-walesh Charles says...

I belive that's a great opportunity for Haiti to be really open for business and jobs are going to be created...Every Department in Haiti should have a

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Subject: Marriott Hotels & Resorts wanted to build more Hotels North, Centre and Western Haiti. What happened? edit

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