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Haitian History : The First Spanish Settlement in the New World was near Caracol Haiti

Pop Quiz: What is the connection between Caracol Haiti, Christopher Columbus, La Santa Maria, Cacique Guacanagaric, Caonabo and La Navidad? Sit back... Relax... and let me tell you...

Comparing Haiti to The Dominican Republic Part 2 - Fate or Racism?

The New York Times published an article today comparing Haiti to the Dominican Republic.

The Island of Haiti - L'Ile D'Haiti - Who renamed it Hispaniola?

Growing up in Haiti, you probably heard of "L'Ile D'Haiti" -- The Island of Haiti -- So how did the whole world end up calling the Island "Hispaniola"? Read this...

History of Haiti - Who were the first haitians?

How well do you know Haitian history?