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Student Protest in Haiti, Police using Live Ammunition (VIDEO)

Haitian Police Officers Every time an incident happens in Haiti, it tends to get worse. Monday, Champs-de-Mars, Haitian Students are protesting the murder of one of their own by a police officer at UEH and now there is a video on YouTube showing showing Haitian police shooting AT the protesters... more »

Aba Martelly - Manifestation In Port-au-Prince

Haiti President Michel Martelly Got PROBLEMS! There has been lots of protest in Haiti calling for the resignation of Haitian president Michel Martelly, Why? La Vie Cher ak tout lot rezon nou pa konnen yo... ou konnen! more »

Haiti - Port-au-Prince Cemetery Closed, Employees On Strike!

Haiti Earthquake - Man Steeling Dead Man's Coffin Imagine going to a cemetery to burry your loved one and when you arrive, you are told that you HAVE to leave the coffin at the gate, you CANNOT enter because the cemetery employees are on strike! more »

Did Cap-Haitien Just Declare Holy War On The Catholic Church?

Immaculee Conception, Vierge Marie, Hinche Haiti Cap-Haitien, Haiti - Have you heard? The Catholic church, Notre-Dame du Cap-Haitien, was vandalized on Saturday. The vatican flag was torn and the blessed sacrament was stolen... But wait... There's more... more »