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Are Haitian politicians being paid to destroy our National Holidays, a Haitian asks on Social Media

Mad Haitian This is what all Haitian holidays have become lately, including Christmas and New Year: a day of protest, manifestation and revolution. One Haitian asks on social media: Are Haitian Politicians being paid to destroy our National Holidays? more »

Haitians Citizens complain ongoing street protests interfere with their day to day life

PHOTO: Haiti - Machann Fig Various Haitian citizens are complaining on the radio saying that had enough of all these street protests. "I am stuck in my house, I cannot work, I cannot make money and it is annoying," one resident told a journalist. more »

FLASH: Haiti Manifestation - Pillage of a gas pump in Delmas 83

Breaking News From Haiti Breaking News... A Total gas station at Delmas 83 in Port-au-Prince was pillaged Monday afternoon after protesters took to the streets asking President Jovenel Moise to step down. more »

FLASH: Haiti Manifestation - Street protesters are heading to Haiti International Airport

Haiti Toussaint Louverture International Airport Breaking News... Haiti Manifestation 11 Feb 2019, a group of street protesters are heading to Haiti International Airport in Port-au-Prince Haiti. One of the protesters said on a the mic of a radio journalist, the people are about to travel... more »

Haiti - Protesters in Mirebalais Haiti decide to cut off power lines going to Hinche and Haut Pateau Central

Electric Power Pole - Haiti Power and Electricity FLASH: Protesters in Mirebalais, Centre Haiti, have decides to cut off the electric power lines going to Hinche and the Haut Plateau Central region because, according to a radio journalist, the citizens of the Haut Plateau Central refuse to protest. more »

BIG Stress in the Voice of every Haitian you Speak to these days!

Haitian street protest sign ask our forefather Dessalines to curse all the sons and daughters of Petion Something terrible is about to happen in Haiti! There is tension in the voice of virtually every Haitian you speak to these days. Most Haitians are worried about their tomorrow, literally, tomorrow! more »

To Hell with the Country : The Haitian Media loves a Good Crisis!

TELEDJOL - The Grapevine Adding More Chaos To Haiti A big chunk of the Haitian media is really enjoying seeing the opposition enraged in the streets asking president Jovenel Moise to step down. To hell with the country! It's all about the ratings (plis moun branche) and maybe more!!! more »

Haiti paralyzed since the November 18 street protests

PHOTO: Grève/Strike in Haiti, the streets of Port-au-Prince are empty... Haiti is standing still two days after the 18 November 2018 streets protests. Businesses in Port-au-Prince are still closed and people are afraid to hit the streets. more »

US Embassy in Haiti alerts Americans employees in the country to seek safe shelter amid Nov. 18 street Protests

Look at the FEAR in the eyes of this Haitian woman during a Street Protest in Haiti The U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs issued the following security alert to American employees in Haiti ahead of the Nov. 18 2018 Street protests: more »

FLASH: Cap-Haitien Haiti barricaded ahead of 18 November 2018 Street Protests

Moise Jean Charles wanted President Jovenel Moise to leave the land of Dessalines. Well, he is Dead! Breakign news... The Haitian city of Cap-Haitien has been completely barricaded since last night, Friday November 16th, ahead of 18 November 2018 Street Protests. more »