Haiti Weather - The 2014 Hurricane Season Begins

It's Hurricane season in Haiti, from 01 June to 30 Nov 2014, and President Michel Martelly warns in a Tweet: "Prekosyon pa kapon. Sezon siklonik la rive. Mwen envite popilasyon an swiv konsèy otorite yo pou sove lavi fanmi nou ak byen nou." Haiti has been having some bad luck with these hurricanes and tropical storms which often leads to flooding...

Haiti Hurricane Alert

"Being careful is not cowardice," Martelly says in his tweet, " inviting the Haitian population to follow the advice of the authorities in order to save lives.

Although the 2014 hurricane season is forecasted to have little activity in terms of capacity for cyclones, Ronald Semelfort of the Haitian National Center for Meteorology (CNM) is urging the public to be careful nonetheless reminding them of the times when Haiti faced some major cyclones like Flora in 1963 when little activity was reported. "We must be prepared to face it and prove our vigilance," Semelfort says.

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