Domestic Violence in Haiti

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Domestic Violence: Tonton Bicha sends a message to all Haitian wife beaters out there!

AUDIO: Tonton Bicha reacts to violence against Nice Simon (Anne) by her man Yves Leonard To all the Haitian wife beaters out there, read this message from Haitian actor Daniel Fils-Aimé alias Tonton Bicha... more »

Nice Simon and Domestic Violence in Haiti drawing International Media attention

Snapshot of an article on France24 in Spanish talking about domestic violence in Haiti and Nice Simon, the most recent victim Domestic Violence is an internatonal topic and the recent incident where the mayor of the Haitian city of Tabarre, Nice Simon, was beaten by her partner Yves Leonard is beginning to draw international media attention. more »

Haiti - Senator Don Kato furious after hearing Nice Simon (Anne) was violently beaten by Yves Leonard (AUDIO)

There were lovers in the Movie I Love You Anne but in real life, Dan Kato, Antonio Cheramy, is Senator of the Republic and Anne, Nice Simon, is the Mayor if Tabarre who was just assaulted by her baby father Yves Leonard. The senator is furious and demand justice for his former co-star. more »

UPDATE: Nice Simon returns to Kingdom Hotel attempting to take custody of her child

PHOTO: Haiti Mayor Nice Simon at a Press Conference after being she was beaten by Yves Leonard Haitian mayor of Tabarre Nice Simon arrives at the Kingom Hotel Wednesday afternoon where she was severely beaten by her partner Yves Leonard to take custody of her child but it appears no judge wants to accompany her because they are all friends of the man who committed the crime of Domestic Violence, according to what her lawyer told the media. more »

FLASH: Haiti - Mayor Nice Simon (Anne) severely beaten by her man Yves Leonard

PHOTO: Nice Simon - Mayor of Tabarre Haiti Breaking News... Nice Simon, the mayor of Tabarre Haiti was attacked... Photos of Haitian the actress and mayor spread on social media after she was reportedly beaten by her companion Yves Leonard. more »

Tabarre Haiti Mayor Nice Simon to meet the press Wednesday after being severely beaten by her partner Yves Leonard

PHOTO: Nice Simon - Mayor of Tabarre Haiti Haitian actress and mayor of Tabarre, Nice Simon, will speak the media in a press conference Wednesday to talk about what happened after photos released on social media showed a severely beaten Nice Simon who reportedly escaped from the claws of her violent partner Yves Leonard. more »

Haiti Domestic Violence: Nice Simon confirms, the photos are real, Yves Leonard almost killed me

PHOTO: Nice Simon - Mayor of Tabarre Haiti Haitian actress and Tabarre mayor Nice Simon told spoke to Haitian Newspaper Le Nouvelliste and confirmed the photos circulating on the internet are real, Yves Leonard "tried to strangle me," she said. more »

New York Haitian-American Legislator Carrie Solages arrested for Domestic Violence

PHOTO: Carrie Solage - Haitian-American County Legislator, arrested for domestic violence Long Island, New York -- Haitian-American Nassau County Legislator Carrie Solages was arrested Wednesday. Solages is accused of assaulting his girlfriend, police said. more »