September 11, A Haitian Survivor's Story From Ground Zero

I case you haven't been reading the answers to my question 'Where Were You On 9/11?' the stories are very compelling. one of them really caught my attention. It's the story of a Haitian Security guard at World Trade Center Tower 2, On September 11, 2001

Gardy Printemps wrote:

Woodring on September 11, I was working as a security officer at World Trade Center (2nd Tower, 42nd floor).

My shift was 8 AM- to 4 PM. The first plane hit the first tower at 9:20 AM, therefore, you can imagine where I was.

I opened the exit for every employee that I was responsible for and I left the building last.

While I was outside, the second plane hit the 2nd tower.

I had to run on Manhattan bridge to Brooklyn.

I spent 3 months without a job. I will never forget this time, and I don't want to be in this situation anymore.


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Falanda Dieudonne says...

On September 11 i was in Haiti so when i came in United States i knew more about the word trade center attackedi came on

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