Photos: New Look Inside The Haiti International Airport

If you have not been to Haiti lately, take a look at this... We have some pictures to share with you regarding the brand new look inside Haiti's International Airport.

Believe me if I didn't tell you it was the Haiti airport, you would not believe it.

My brother went to Haiti recently and sent me these pictures, take a look...

First of all... No more walking out of the plane into the hot Haitian sun...

Now you walk out of American Airlines straight into Immigration...

Just so you now it's true, here is the pathway to Immigration on the when you get off the airplane, with sings in English, French, Spanish, and Haitian Creole

See more Haiti airport 2010 photos here...

The airport did suffer some damages from the earthquake but it is still in operation...

Here there are also some temporary pathways in and out of the airport after the earthquake. I don't know this will be permanent

And yes... There are still some earthquake relief supplies still pilling at the airport till this day...

M'ale papa...

See more Haiti airport 2010 photos here...


Have you been to Haiti lately? How do you feel about the new improvements at the airport?

Reply with your comments.

Thanks Gae for the photos!

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Johnwesley Poliard says...

nou pa wont nou rele sa

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Marie J. Racine says...

Don't tell me that relief goods from the last earthquake are still at the airport?

Why can't they distribute them to the population.

They must have a reason for that. Maybe trying to sell them at a later date?

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Garry Destin says...

That's what I'm talking about; running along with

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Pablo says...

Sorry, Woodring i'm not impressed i do not know why it's taking them so long to either fix the airport or built a new one. The place you go o pick up your lugages is hot like hell and i am disappointed in the Haitian governments and the US as

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