My window in Haiti has a garden view in Haiti - Compare to garden view in the USA

Whether you live in a home or an apartment in the United States everything has a view. Lake view, garden view, you name it, that's what the Real Estate agent wants to sell you. In Haiti I have more than a garden view, I can actually cook what's in the garden.

Window with a Garden View in Haiti, not just any garden LOL

Have you ever seen these ads for apartments for rent in your area?

  • Apartment for Rent - Deluxe room with a garden view
  • Lake view apartment for rent with terrace and garden view

Once you start seeing the keyword "view" in the the apartment listing, the price goes up.

I remember when I rented my apartment in Plantation Florida, I had to pay more money for rent each month because my bedroom window and the sliding glass door in the living room had the lake view with a terrace.

I don't know what they call the view overlooking looking at the parking lot or the garbage cans but I'm sure they have cute name for it.

The apartments with a garden view were less expensive. The garden view by the way was the parking lot but it was a very green parking lot if you know what I mean. You can hide many things with some shrubs.

HAITI - There is another life high in the countryside mountaintops

Well... Where I live now, in a province in Haiti, my garden view has lots of bannann, pwa, mayi, seriz, anana... No shrubs... and every once in a while you see a live chicken walking by.

I love it!

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F Etienne says...

You are in paradise.

I envy

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Frednel says...

Mesye m'avè nou. LOL! In US no such thing as "garden" all see is zèb like Woody says. Yet, they called it garden view. But in Haiti, you have nothing but bon bagay as garden view.

Mr. Woodring, it's just another way of making big

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Woody says...

Ozetazini, lè yon diaspora di w li gen "Garden View," zèb wi LOL...

Garden view en Haiti se pye bannan, pye mayi, pwa kongo bagay moun ka

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