Pregnant Haitian Women Crossing To DR to Give Birth

JIMANI, Dominican Republic - Hours before giving birth, some Haitian woman are crossing the border to the Dominican Republic to give birth?

People do that in the United States mainly because they want their kids to be US Citizens but in the Haiti-Dominican case it's different....

FREE Healthcare... That's the reason!

The Washington Post says...

Haitian women make up roughly half of the patients giving birth in Dominican hospitals, officials here say. They come because they don't have access to health care in Haiti, especially since last year's earthquake.

They come because they can get free health care in the Dominican Republic each year, and so that they can have their babies in hospitals instead of on the floors of their homes...

How is the healthcare system in Haiti compared to that of the Dominican Republic?

Perhaps you can answer that...

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Papouch says...

It's very terrible for our haitian.

Hospital treatment less in haiti and our governement see everything and hear everything but it seems to do not understand nothing about the situation of our country

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Bernard says...

When I read things like this it angers me even more with the stupid game the parliement is playing in Haiti, those that keep slowing the process are not interested in the people of Haiti, they only care about themselves and their cronies, because they make enough money to send their family to Miami if worse comes to worse.

We need to dechouke these people in the

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Kenold Pierre says...

This is something that I do not even want to comment on, Because, It shameful and very frustrating, But when you sitdown, analyse, take a good look at the situations which we're in ;They have no choice.The only thing, I wish our neighbors treat them with a bit respect and dignity .To me even they charge us in the future for rendered services that will be a good thing.

they need to keep logs of what they have done for future references.

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Josy says...

There is possible comparaison between the two countries, and we are living in the dark ages in Haiti.

The D.R. received massive amount of money, and supplies from the US government.

They benefited from the earthquake, and was doing fairly well before the tragedy.

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Labellecapoise says...

nou pa gen Healthcare many people died because of no emergency help, no insurance, no money nor jobs to get treated! tro ta bare yo nan route! that's very sad! how many Haitians do you know living in Haiti that do yearly checkups talk about has ever been to a doctor..I can't imagine having a baby on the floor smh! en tout cas li temps et printemps pou bagay yo chanje nan Pays D'Haiti! President martelly avew map mache paske m konnen wap pote yon chanjman kan

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