Pouchon Djakout Mizik was in court Monday to answer questions about Sonson La Familia

Pouchon Duverger - Singer - Djakout No. 1
Haitian singer Augustin "Pouchon" Duverger of Djakout #1 appeared in court in Port-au-Prince Haiti Monday, 08 Dec 2014, to answer a judge's questions about Sonson La Familia, currently in prison on kidnapping charges... Other members of the band Djakout #1 went with Pouchon to show support...

KREYOL : Pouchon Djakout Mizik te ale devan Juge ayè Lundi 08 Desanm 2014 la pou repon keksyon sou dosye Sonson La Familia... Kisa-w panse de sa?

Haiti judge Sonel Jean Francois heard Pouchon Duverger in matters regarding Augustin Brunet, Cesar Laforest, Bergeau Jean, and Woodly Etheart aka Sonson La Familia all allegedly involved in acts of kidnappings.

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According to Le Nouvelliste, Pouchon spent about 2 hours answering questions to the judge in the presence of his lawyer. Coming out of the courthouse, attorney Joel Petit-Homme said: Pouchon has nothing to say to the Media!"

Roro, another musician of Djakout #1 who was present, said that every musician knows Sonson La Familia, he was a promoter who organized parties, bals and festivals in Miami.

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Benjamin Glady-vostor Pouchon fè yon bel sigjesyon pou djaz la
Reply · March 24 at 6:24 AM
Jove As a musician who bringing joy to the people by your music, you shouldn't envolved in such kidnapping. This is a bad reputation for our Haitian... see more
Reply · December 09 at 10:59 AM

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Subject: Pouchon Djakout Mizik was in court Monday to answer questions about Sonson La Familia edit

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