POLL: Reginald Cange "SAN BAB" - Good or Bad?

Reginald Cange in Zenglen Rezilta Music Video
Yon ti dam ki ap foto Reginald Cange san bab... Li di: "O O... Gad kijan Reginald Cange vinn granmounn!" Mwen di-l: "Non se pa granmoun li vinn granmoun, se bab li li retire!"

Ou panse sa tou?

Gade foto a bien, ou panse Reginald Cange vinn granmoun?

Pa pito li kite ti bab la... LOL...

Kisa-w panse?

Kite yon mesaj

Gade tou: Zenglen Rezilta Music Video

Gade tou: Photo Reginald Cange AK bab li...

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Michelle Colimon I think he looked good with it and without the beads. The problem with him looking age out is the smoking and drinking that make the skin started to... see more
Reply · February 28 at 1:13 PM
James Louis Reginald CANGE needs to get rid of the dreadlocks and the fashion glasses so he can look his age. YES, he looks older in the video because he added... see more
Reply · October 21 at 12:56 PM
Patrick Gaspard I do think so.The guy is younger than he looks on that picture.
Reply · October 21 at 9:34 AM
Ruthy Yes indeed! I don't know how old he is but he seems to be aging rather quickly. I personally think he should lay off the smoking and the drinking... see more
Reply · October 19 at 3:57 PM

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Subject: POLL: Reginald Cange "SAN BAB" - Good or Bad? edit

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