By Default, Haitians have no respect for the Environment

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TRUE or FALSE??? A large majority of Haitian university students have absolutely no reflex to protect the environment in Haiti... By default, Haitians have no respect for their environment...

This is a statement I heard from an Haitian lady being interviewed on Haitian radio about recycling and protecting the environment in Haiti.

"If they [the students] do not,", she says, "who will educate the masses to protect the environment?"

That's a good point!

She says, we (Haitians in Haiti) we have the habit to dumping trash anywhere...

That's not quite true... Most Haitians in Haiti have not been offered any alternatives. If there was no garbage pickup in Plantation Florida, where I once lived, Central Park would be a dump site.

She also spoke about education and possible courses to help the environment in Haiti.

That's a good idea but there is a simpler alternative: What about setting up an environment friendly infrastructure?

I bet you, If the city of Hinche Haiti tells all it residents: "Mete fratra deyo chak Mardi, yon machinn fatra ap pase pran li," I guarantee you, everyone will do it.

On the other hand... If you ask the same residents to pay more taxes so that the city can afford a sanitation department... Ou kwe yo ap dako?

Hmmmm... Gen de le, sanble-m pedi tet mwen LOL...

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Patrick Sé vré, sé pou Marttelly manyin membre yo, sé pitit pitit exclave yo yé yo pap tandé sans baton
Reply · October 21 at 3:46 PM
Patrick True, they need some massage therapy to stop it.
Reply · October 21 at 3:42 PM

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