Amnesty International: Dominican Republic must retract ruling that could leave thousands stateless

Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians
Amnesty International says the Dominican Republic should not implement a Constitutional Court ruling that could leave hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of foreign descent (mostly Haitians) stateless. If implemented in this way, the ruling would violate the Dominican's Republic human rights obligations.

This court ruling also contravenes a 2005 landmark decision of the Inter-American Court for Human Rights and breaks a basic principle of law, explicitly stated in Dominican Constitution, which prohibits retroactive application of the law.

Ahhh... Hahhh... So the Dominican constitution prohibits RETROACTIVE application of the law... I wonder why the constitutional court decided to go overlook this one!

As they say in Haiti: "Kontitisyon se papye!" LOL...

"The full implementation of this ruling will have a devastating impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people whose identity documents would be cancelled and, therefore, would see many of their human rights - freedom of movement, education, work and access to healthcare - totally denied," said Chiara Liguori, Amnesty International researcher on the Caribbean.

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One more thing you should know...

86% of the people who would be affected by this ruling are of Haitian decent!

What do you think about this?

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Nap Kite Sa Bon, se peyi yo. Yo gen droit di e fe sa yo vle men yo dwe peye konsekens lan. Sen Doming pral dedomage Haitian yo si ke yo vle yo kite payi yo... see more
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Patrick Yon ti peyi tankou Saint Domingue, koté peyi la a ki pou tap fè tout intérésante sa yo avek Haitien yo? D'après sa ki... see more
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Ash This is crazy and stupid because Haiti and dominican republic used to be one once therefore most Dominicans will have somehow a Haitian descendant... see more
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Patrick Gaspard C'est un nonsens absolu. Peut etre une survivance de la politique des annees trente (reppelons nous les vepres dominicaines en 1937). Toutefois nous... see more
Reply · October 19 at 5:31 PM

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