Solar Energy is a Success in Barbados, Should Haiti Copy Success?

Solar Energy in Barbados
My brother visited Barbados recently and told me almost every house in the island has solar panels on top of it... Bus stations, hospitals, government buildings have solar photovoltaic systems installed.The sun shines in Haiti everyday, yet, everyday we are in the dark.

Back in 2014, there was an article on the Huffington Post saying that tiny Barbados was beating the United States on the road to green energy.

A recent article from a Barbados newspaper mentioned that by the end of this year more public buildings around the island will be outfitted with solar photovoltaic systems.

In Haiti, EDH, the National electric company is a mess but Haiti is very rich in sunshine. Wouldn't it be nice if Haitians were encouraged us that sunshine (Solèy la) to light up the country...

Wait... That's one of the things in President Jovenel agenda right?

What do you think about that?

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Asnath Colson I think it's a fair comparison of the 2 countries that share a lot of similarities. It's irresponsible when Haitians compare Haiti with the USA. Two... see more
Reply · July 15 at 5:36 PM
Philippe Difficult to compare Barbados and Haiti. Barbados, which I know, must be the size of la Gonave, a rich place thanks to tourism, and southern enough... see more
Reply · June 24 at 10:25 AM
Kreyol Pale Tande sa... Nan zile La Barbade, preske TOUT kay ak biwo leta genyen panneau solaire sou tet yo... Haiti gen solèy chak jou, kisa nou ka... see more
Reply · April 19 at 7:41 AM

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