Solar Power in Haiti

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Haiti Government announces NO TAX on Solar Panels and Alternative Energy Imports

Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy The Haitian government announces NO TAX on solar panels and alternative energy imports. The government says it wants everyone Haitian citizen to have access to alternative energy. more »

Solar Energy is a Success in Barbados, Should Haiti Copy Success?

Solar Energy in Barbados My brother visited Barbados recently and told me almost every house in the island has solar panels on top of it... Bus stations, hospitals, government buildings have solar photovoltaic systems installed.The sun shines in Haiti everyday, yet, everyday we are in the dark. more »

Haiti - Environment: The High Cost of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy Last week, I wrote an article about renewable energy to power rural Haiti. Since then, I've been curious to know how much it actually costs to implement renewable energy in Haiti. more »

Haiti - Environment: Renewable Energy To Power Rural Haiti

Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy Haiti has plenty of sunlight... So why not use that sunlight as a renewable energy source to provide sustainable energy to electrify rural communities in Haiti? more »

Coming Soon: Cheap solar chargers for Haiti schools Laptops

Inexpensive solar-powered charger Design For Haiti Schools In Haiti, a laptop is just a door stopper unless you have electricity to recharge it. 11 students at the Chicago Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) want to change that.... more »