New Haiti Plan: Use The Rubble To Extend Port-au-Prince Harbor

President Preval wants to use the rubble of Haiti's earthquake to extend Port-au-Prince harbor. Basically he wants to dump all the rubble into the bay of Port-au-Prince to make the Haiti's capital bigger.


But wait... There's more!

The Haitian president told the Miami Herald:

"Temporary shelters are not the solution... There just isn't enough space... We have to build up..."

Build up????

This means we have to build high rises...


President Preval is pushing an innovative plan to redevelop downtown from the waterfront all the way to the Champ de Mars, the Miami Herald says.

I can already see it... Tall buildings... Beautiful hotels... Tourists... Jetskis... Oh My...


What do you think?

And please... Don't spoil my dream OK?

Let's play the "What if" game...

What if it did happen?

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Willem Milfort says...

preval mwen ta renmenw fe yon bagay nan pai ya a van w ale pask se yon devwa yon politiswien
sino now pap janm ecri nan istwa pai ya e ou papgen vale pou jenn demen yo
mwen ta renmen w fe yon bel bagay avan w

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Jean Gerard Rhau says...

That's a great idea, but when will it be done?

This is a perfect time now, all deputies and senators' terms have expired, there should be no political opposition to Rubble Moving Plan...

Let's go and start moving the rubble.

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Yakubu Louis says...

only think i can tell u, yes preval can do it if he a get chance.

he did da road from da airport all da way to p.ville, preval is not a

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Anthony says...

Doesn't anyone care about the refugees?

Waiting for permanent structures that Preval is talking about will take years.

There are temporary houses that can be put up in hours already built here in the US that cost less than $5K. Look up It seems like a genocide against the poor in

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Ti Ninie says...

I Think its a good Idea but President sa yo telman bay manti yon moun pa ka kwe

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Gigi says...

I read, hear and understand.

When I picture Haiti I see my beautiful carabean island.

People go to islands on vacations to get away from tall building, the fast life. I don't know Haiti is turning into something I don't understand.

It's ok to use the rubles but in a good productive way. May God be with

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100 Haitian says...

Se vraiment yon bel plan monsieur Preval but we are very sorry its to

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Pierre B. says...

Sam te bliye poze Mr. Preval, Eseke se yon kout tafya ou pran?

Pawol tafya sa yo mwen menm mwen pa pran ladan yo. Kenbe yo pou kont ou, Mr. Ouve zye w' pou we nan kisa pep la ye la a. They don't have basic needs...

Get a

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Guy Comeau says...

This is a very good idea but impractical for the near future.

People need shelter now, not 5-10 years from now.
Immediate shelter needs can't be replaced by Mr. Preval's big sky scrappers idea.
Throwing the rubble in the Harbor is an excellent idea.
Let us hope that precautionary measures are taken as to not destroy the harbor with filth and

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Pierre B. says...

Nou pran nan kout bel pawol sa yo deja. Penga Preval panse l'ap vin bay pep ayisyen koukou pou tot la a. Kesyon pou Mr. Preval, kisa ou fe deja pandan ou sou pouvwa a?

Yon lot kesyon anko Mr. Kile w'ap gentan fe sa yo ou di la a?

W'ap eseye jwe smart oubyen?

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