My old Haitian father swears Haiti would be better off with the old Haitian Army Les Forces Armees d'Haiti (FADH)

"Sou lame, bagay sa yo patap pase" -- under the old Haitian army, these things would not be happening -- My old Haitian father said watching all the chaos happening in Haiti these days from a distance in the diaspora.

Les Forces Armees d'Haiti (FADH)

The old man, a retired Haitian army lieutenant, sits heartbroken in his New York apartment with a little radio clinched to his ears listening daily to more bad news from Haiti.

This is what we always talk about everytime I call him, how bad things are in Haiti and how much better it could be.

"There is no more authority in Haiti, the state cannot maintain law and order," my 85 year-old Haitian father said. "Back in the days when Haiti had the military, things would never get out of control like that."

"Aristide made a mistake when he disbanded the army," The old man continued. "He could've cleaned up the Etat Major (the joint chiefs) but save the institution. If he did that, we would not be having this problem of insecurity we have to day, armed bandits running in the streets ransoming people."

The old man is so passionate about his homeland and all this bad news hurts, he told me.

"Honestly, I don't see where this is going." he said.

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Raphael says...

Sou lame Dayiti pat gen tout moun sa yo ki te gen zam, enfomasyon pat fasil kons.

Kounya nou nan lè entenet, tout enfo yo nan pla men tout moun. Jan makout ak militè yo te konn kenbe popilasyon an yo pa yap kapab Jodi a.

Malgré tout sa m sot di la yo, mwen pap janm nye ke moun se yon pat a modle avek edikasyon ou ka ouve je yo oubyen w ka rann yo

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Etienne says...

Di papa w kisa li t'apral fè lame a fè nan moman an?

Jwe wòl

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Waking says...

Di papa w se sa Aristide te al fè ki koz li manke mouri.

Fè l pale de colonel Jean-Claude Paul. Di papa w pa baw manti paske li menm li fè tan l

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Subject: My old Haitian father swears Haiti would be better off with the old Haitian Army Les Forces Armees d'Haiti (FADH) edit

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