Les Forces Armées d'Haiti, FADH

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My old Haitian father swears Haiti would be better off with the old Haitian Army Les Forces Armees d'Haiti (FADH)

Les Forces Armees d'Haiti (FADH) "Sou lame, bagay sa yo patap pase" -- under the old Haitian army, these things would not be happening -- My old Haitian father said watching all the chaos happening in Haiti these days from a distance in the diaspora. more »

A Group of 50 Soldiers from the new Haitian Army just returned from training in Mexico

The New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers: Ministere de la Defense - Republique d'Haiti Following a special military training in Mexico, a group of 50 Soldiers from the new Haitian Army returned home Sunday, April 14, 2019. more »

The New Haitian Military will Parade the Streets of Port-au-Prince on 18 Novembre, Haitian Army Day, Are you Ready?

PHOTO: Haiti Military - Meet the New Haitian Army The new Haitian military is getting ready for a major parade in the streets of Port-au-Prince on 18 November 2017, Haitian Armed Forces Day, according to a credible news source. more »