My Haiti Kanaval Plans have been Cancelled, Wait till you find out why!

I have Good News and I have Bad News... You want to know how I am spending my Valentines Day today? This Valentines Day story has sad written all over it!

I was supposed to be in Haiti today, since 12:10PM, to cover carnival in haiti live BUT guess what happened?

I am still in Miami... and I am heading back to Palm Bay instead of Haiti.

I am not going to Haiti Kanaval anymore... Well I cannot go anymore...

Why? Let make you laugh.

I arrived in Miami late last night after a 3 hour ride; I woke up this morning to go to the airport, Miami International Airport. I was lucky enough to book a last minute flight to Haiti for Kanaval on American Airlines because All Flights to Haiti are sold out for Kanaval season.

On my way to airport I was laughing at my brother in law, Danny, because he is freezing in New York, unable to go to kanaval.

"My brother is on his way to Jacmel," he says, "and my sister is flying in next week. I am so sad because I cannot go to Haiti Kanaval."

Imagine his sadness when I told him: "Well buddy, guess what? I am on my way to Miami International Airport, and my private jet, American Airlines, is waiting for me."

To add pain to misery, I revealed another secret to him: "There's more," I said, "I am being picked up at the airport and I am heading to straight to Les Cayes for Kanaval 'Aux Cayes' until Monday."

Let me tell you, he was devastated. And I like to do it too... Brush it in their face when I am about to have fun and they cannot.

I am telling you all of this... SO... What am I still doing in Miami?

That's the bad news...

I arrive at the airport, two hours before departure time, I am waiting in line like every good citizen.

I get to the ticket counter, and the agent asks me, "Sir can I have your passport please?"

That when I realized that my passport is 3 hours away, in my safe...

I cannot go to Haiti for Kanaval because I left my passport at home.

I cant even change my reservation because every flight to Haiti is booked until March.

Who's laughing now?

Now I have to watch Haiti Kanaval ONLINE just like you.

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Marie says...

For me I hope I can made it to the carnival 2009 this year if God

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C. L. says...

I will make sure i have my passport with me. on my way to the airport.

I will take all the pictures for you.

Send me you contact info in Haiti.

I will take care of all the businesses for you.
If you know what i mean.

I will back you

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Fito Martelly says...

You are obviously a non traveler.

No one goes to the airport for an International flight without a passport.

For making such a stupid mistake, you don't even deserve to watch it on

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Thermonfils says...




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Marie says...

I love this
Is very

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Woodring says...

Hey buddy,

You are right you can make money with your laptop, believe me. As far as not being able to go to Kanaval this year, I am not worried about it.

Besides, I will have as much fun informing you.

Remember to watch all the kanaval videos

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Jean Alix Jean-simon says...

Example $1500.00 for car rental, $749.00 for ticket from freeport to miami and to haiti, $600.00 hotel, $1000.00 pocket money, you see my friend with my Apple computer I could make money, if you wish to go let's go in july. we could have the opportunity to meet each other as Hinche for Hinche and friend that keep me inform for more than 2 years, by the way thanks for all the information you put in my email.

thanks again god be with you, don't get mad for the mistake of forget your passport god knows

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Woodring says...

Oh well, I've been hearing that "everything happens for a reason"

I guess I have yet to realise why this happen.


you are my brother

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Gigi Stpreux says...

anmwey!!!, m'paka pa ri, bagay sa tro fumny.

If I was ur brother I would never let you live that one

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Woodring says...


You're killing me!

:) Have fun AND

Take lots of pictures, Email all of them to me when you get back

I will post them

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