Most Dangerous Countries in the World - Haiti is BETTER than Most

The 2017 list of the MOST dangerous counties in the world is out... Read this... HAITI is safer than Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba, Israel, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, AND the United States... Let facts inform your choices...

Haiti vs Most Dangerous Countries in the World
Haiti vs Most Dangerous Countries in the World

Thank you Chris Jeanty‏ @seejeanty on Twitter, I could not have chosen better words myself...

The most dangerous countries in the world have been updated for 2017. The world is a slightly less dangerous place than it was a year ago according to the latest Global Peace Index (GPI) report from the Institute for Economics and Peace, and HAITI is better than most!!!

The 11th edition of the report - the only statistical measure of its kind - makes it possible to rank 163 independent states based on how peaceful they are (or, conversely, how dangerous).

See the list of the most dangerous countries in the world here.

And they make you think Haiti is is bad... Haiti is Better than most, my friend, we're better than most!

What do you think about that?

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Asnath Colson says...

The missionaries to Haiti have been THE source of consistent positive changes in Haiti.

Most left the security of their well-organized countries to brave the LAWLESSness in Haiti.

Through it all, they left family and friends to serve in Haiti.

Let's be

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Asnath Colson says...

The fighting is over. It's time to be quiet and time to do, time to encourage those who are doing.

Be silent if you're doing none of the

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Asnath Colson says...

The Diaspora needs to stop complaining.

Their premature complaints are NOT conducive to the wellness of Haiti.

The many problems of Haiti weren't born overnight.

So, everything will require time and more time to be addressed and fixed.

The people who live where the changes are happening are super satisfied.

They are blessing, praying for the president.

They are heaping praise on him left and

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Asnath Colson says...

Cité Soleil is at's no longer gangs and other thugs' favorite hideout.

The streets seem to be clean.

The people of Cité Soleil expressed great

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Asnath Colson says...

For one, the videos that I watched of Cité Soleil, indicate that the violence is gone. Cité Soleil is enjoying an unprecedented, never-seen-before peace.

The dwellers are satisfied.

They say that all that they need now is that the canals be cleaned of all the

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Tontonbob says...

Dako anpil! Ayiti pi bon pase anpil vil nan etazini.

Gade Detroit, Miami, Washington, etc., m pe sou yo. Men m pa pe nan

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Marie Claire says...

Haitians are chickens they let fear control them instead of fighting

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Haiti Securite says...

La liste de 2017 des pays les plus dangereux du monde est sortie ...

Lisez ceci ...

HAITI est plus sécuritaire que la Jamaique, Trinidad, Cuba, Israel, la République dominicaine, le Mexique, et les États-Unis ...

Laissez les faits informer vos

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