The Unwanted Guest at your house, brings nothing, consumes everything

If you are going over to a friend's house for a couple of weeks, how much will you contribute in the everyday expenses of the house? OR are you planning a FREELOADING adventure???

Buffalo Chicken Wings, Curly Fries

There are many people, so-called friends, who think they can drop by your house for a couple of days and end up staying for a couple of weeks, eating your food, wasting your resources, and they do not contribute a dime in the name of friendship.

As a friend, you cannot tell them that there are sticking their fingers deep into your pockets but really shouldn't a person contribute if they come to your house for more than a couple of days?

After all, they are saving a bundle by not paying for a hotel room and stacking up restaurant bills.

What do you think about that?

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Micheline says...

Move Zanmi -- Depi w ta vin pèdi travay ou yo pap ret sou ou ankò.

menm nimewo telefòn ou yo bliye vwa pou yo ta pase mande w ki jan w ye!

E ankò se yo ki al pale w mal an

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Move Zanmi says...

Gen seri ZANMI, yo vini lakay ou yo pa pote anyen, yo devore tout sak gen nan kay la epi yo ale...


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