Can sleeping under a fan all night make you sick?

There are many people out there who believe sleeping with a fan all night on will make you sick is it true or false?

Put a broken fan on a flower pot and you have an art piece LOL...

Some people believe this is just an urban legend others say it is the truth.

My sister does not have a single fan in her house because she swears sleeping with a fan makes her sick. Her kids are the same way, she says.

That's why I always bring my own fan every time I visit her house in the Dominican Republic because I myself cannot sleep without fan on.

I've been sleeping with an oscillating fan in the room since I can remember I never get sick from it .

All my research indicate that you get sick from viruses, bacteria and allergens. So of course if you have these things flying around in your home the fan will blow it in your face but it is not the fan that is making you sick.

What's been your experience with the almighty fan in your house do you sleep with the fan on or off???

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Floyd Herdrich says...

In the ancient Chinese Medicine "WIND" is one of the exogenous factors that can disrupt the Heavenly Qi and cause dis-ease.

Bell's Palsy, or temporary paralysis of the face, is one such

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Hugues says...

Depending on how much it cools the room temperature, and how directly it blows on your body, and for how long, yes a fan can make you sick.

It happened to

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Bwa Sanfey says...

I have been sleeping with fan on for over 50 years and never got sick from

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