More than $774 Million Raised for Haiti

Since the Haiti earthquake more than $774 million has been raised by U.S. charity organizations for Haiti earthquake relief efforts and I think I know why.

The US Dollar, Some Haitians Call it 'Caesar'

In my lifetime, although I have given money to family and friends in need, I have never donated any money to any major charity organization until the day that the earthquake hit Haiti.

I've seen advertisements on TV about poor people in Africa and sometimes it used to upset me because there would always a little black kid with no clothes on, skinny as hell, and with flies all around him.

That did not turn on the switch for me to give, instead it made change the channel.

When the earthquake hit, I knew that Haitians would need food, and water, and shelter, and emergency supplies, and very quickly.

I finally heard what a desperate cry for help sounded like and I heard it in my soul, I heard it in own language, I heard it in Haitian Creole, and I couldn't get it out of my mind.

I finally heard what the Chinese hears when it happens in China, I finally heard what the Pilipinos hear when it happens in the Philippines because when CNN was broadcasting a little girl in a hole screaming "O Jezi Gad-on Doulè..."

I head that one loud and clear!

I knew that we didn't have any national organization in Haiti with the logistics to provide this kind of relief in the magnitude and speed that we needed for it to arrive.

I knew that sending money just to my immediate family in need was not enough to satisfy my desire to do something meaningful, I wanted to send money to my country HAITI!

That's what made me decide to donate to the major organizations like the Red Cross, CARE, and UNICEF, and I kept on donating every time every time I watched a Haiti relief effort on TV.

I text YELE, I text the Red Cross, I even donated money while watching the Super Bowl.

You know the funniest thing about all of that?

For once in my life I did not ask myself: "I wonder if they will really give that money to Haiti" because I understood, that day, that they had to, and that there were no other options.

So I kept on giving and it didn't seem to bother me at all, I still want to donate money to Haiti but not to the individual, I want to donate to where it will have the biggest impact.

What happened in Haiti on January 12, 2010, it forced a lot of us non givers to think differently.

You can still donate money, visit the Haiti911 donation page for a list of organizations accepting donations

L'Union Fait La Force...

It's been stamped on our flag all along!

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Paul Porter says...

our project has taken on a life, almost, of its own.

what initially was an idea of 100 houses now is a village

that will be as
many as 5 villages, or more, with international support.

thank you.

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Josy says...

You probably need to contact your Catholic Archdiocese to locate them in Haiti.

I will continue to ask around in my community, and will send you an email.

I understand your frustrations, and am going to give you a small examplel If you have a death in your family all your neighbors gather at your house to comfort or help you, and they each have specific roles during your mourning period.

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Raynald David says...

I just came from Haiti Tuesday night attending my mother's funerals who died after the earthquake from pneumonia.

What l have constated with my own eyes in the country is the despair, the hopelessness and l felt so powerless for not being able to do anything to alliviate the situation for my Haitian people.

I also constated the people who were supposed to aid the powerless are the same people who are robbing them of their dignity.

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Serge says...


How can I find out more info about Sister Claire Gagne and Sister Donna Belizaire and others on Haitian grounds.

I want to organize fundraisers to support initiatives going on in Haiti.

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Haitien says...

I simply wnat to say: thank you for openning my eyes with those beautiful words.

From now on, I will regularly send some money to one of those organizations every

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Berthauny Bernard says...

Now i see how much money they raise for Haiti are you sure this money go straight to haiti?

For me i am pessimism fo this money

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Josy says...

You can donate money to Sister Claire Gagne, and Sister Donna Belizaire.

They have been in Haiti for years, and gave their lives to our country.

We all know Soeur Claire, and she travels all over the US to conduct healing services.

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Paul Porter says...

a village for haiti.

1,000 houses, a school, a chapel, a civic center, a health care facility and the infrastructure to support the village will be built in arcahaie by a private

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Frantz Philippi says...

Amen my brother, I felt the same way so much so that I will be going to Haiti next month to help. May our God help the Haitian

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