You probably need to contact your Catholic Archdiocese to...

Josy - February 25 2010, 10:57 PM

You probably need to contact your Catholic Archdiocese to locate them in Haiti.

I will continue to ask around in my community, and will send you an email.

I understand your frustrations, and am going to give you a small examplel If you have a death in your family all your neighbors gather at your house to comfort or help you, and they each have specific roles during your mourning period.

You might even have strangers there, and do not focus on them at the time. When the funeral is over, and they are all gone you started to notice missing expensive items.

You were trusting, and believed that they were all in your home because they love you so much. You also believe that they had only your best interests in mind, and were kind neighbors.

They all had different agendas, and some of course were genuine.

You also had others who were taking advantage to the fact that you are grieving, and not really paying attention.

They took your jewelry, silver, and other extremely valuable items from your home while you were confused.

I hope that I made myself clear with my very small example.

I was simply trying to wake my people up, so they pay close attention while grieving for their loss. God Bless.

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