I just came from Haiti Tuesday night attending my mother's...

Raynald David - February 25 2010, 3:30 PM

I just came from Haiti Tuesday night attending my mother's funerals who died after the earthquake from pneumonia.

What l have constated with my own eyes in the country is the despair, the hopelessness and l felt so powerless for not being able to do anything to alliviate the situation for my Haitian people.

I also constated the people who were supposed to aid the powerless are the same people who are robbing them of their dignity.

I visited the Dept. of Agriculture where they were passing food and water and tents to the victims.

These tents were supposed to pass out to the victims instead they were being sold at $125 each. I have seen it all. I also visited some churches that have a twinning relation with US churches, Theses churches are doing a much better job than most of these big organisations by distributing the goods to their parishioner and everyone goes home with something for at least a day or two. I reccomand these churches to everyone who wants to donate or send things to Haiti because their people received their goods.

If anyone interested in doing so, they can contact Catholic Diocese of Ricmond, VA "HAITI TWINNING PROGAM"for information.

This program is everywhere in the US just contact any Catholic Church to see if they have a Twinning relation with any church in Haiti.

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