You can donate money to Sister Claire Gagne, and Sister Donna...

Josy - February 24 2010, 6:41 PM

You can donate money to Sister Claire Gagne, and Sister Donna Belizaire.

They have been in Haiti for years, and gave their lives to our country.

We all know Soeur Claire, and she travels all over the US to conduct healing services.

It is a way to raise money, and collect funds for her charity.

She is Canadian, and a Saint.

Soeur Donna Belizaire ran an orphanage in Haiti, and she attends Haitian functions all over the US to beg for money to care for the children.

We must never donate one red cent to any Haitian leaders, because they are big time CROOKS.

Let's not forget LOVE A CHILD located in Florida, and you can sponsor a child for $25 a month (school, medical care, food, etc..).

It is worth it, and you can donate more if you can afford it. The Haitian government should consult with Bobby, and Sherry from Love a child.

They built, and furnished small homes for the hopeless with little money.

They have schools, orphanages, hospitals, mobile clinics in the deep mountains, fish farm, provide food to families each month, medications, etc...

They are awsome, and they demonstrate what the ones in charge could do for the poor with small amount of money.

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