Protests in Haiti vs Protests Elsewhere

I was watching a TV news report about farmers protesting while visiting another another country in the Caribbean and I noticed something about the way they protest compared to us Haitians, it caught my attention...

I could actually hear the person being interviewed, one after the other. The protesters were standing in the background quietly with their protest signs as if they knew since the media is here, their message would get across and they wanted to make sure that the message got through uninterrupted.

In Haiti, protestors scream for attention. When the media is trying to get their message across, they all start out-yelling each other, one louder than the other, so that their voice can be heard.

And since they all want their voices heard, the outcome is NOISE, the type of noise that you want to tune out of. Nothing gets heard. No message goes across. All people see is bunch of SCREAMING Haitians...

And you wonder why no one can hear you!

If you are not talking, if you are making noise, how can anyone hear you?

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