Josaphat-Robert Large - A Poet's Perspective

The past couple of weeks, I've in touch with Haitian Poet, Novelist, and theater man Josaphat-Robert Large. I asked him a few questions for you. His answers will amaze you!

Josaphat-Robert Large - Haitian Poet

Today, I bring for you a different taste of the Haitian Internet. Shall we say... you are now entering the Haitian Internet "romantic zone."

The 5 Questions are listed below:

Question #1 -- In your view, what is the MOST ROMANTIC spot in Haiti and why?

Question #2 -- Do you believe that Haitian Women are romantic and, if there are, any weaknesses in them, what can be done to improve it?

Question #3 -- What do you find sexy about Haitian women and are you inspired by them?

Question #4 -- Do you have any advice for the inspired young Haitian writer/poet??

Question #5 -- Do you have any advice for the Haitian Community?

PROFILE: About Josaphat-Robert Large

Josaphat-Robert Large was born Jeremie Haiti en 1942. He writes in both French and English.

Josaphat-Robert Large ha spublished many poetry books including one in Haitian Creole.

His latest published collection as of the time of this interview is Les terres entourées de larmes.

To learn more about Josaphat-Robert Large, visit his official web site:

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