It's Christmas season in Haiti and I am not in a Holiday mood, Are you?

Can you believe this? I've only spotted one Christmas tree in the city of Hinche Haiti where I live. It's at my cousin's beauty salon. Of course there are no wrapped gift boxes beneath it...

Christmas in Haiti

I don't know how the holiday season is happening in the city where you live but here in Hinche, Haiti, we're dreaming of a BLACK Christmas.

There is no money circulating in the streets, many business are complaining about a lack of revenue, even taxi moto drivers are complaining.

"It the worst Christmas season ever," one business owner said.

In the city of Hinche, the holidays begins around the 8th of December, Fete Patronale Immaculée Conception, This the week people begin to spend money, buying new clothes, going to beauty salons etc, because there are lots of Haitian events going on.

This year, although there were some Haitian parties in town, store owners didn't seem to seen any profits.

Couple that with a serious blackout in the city, no electricity, and we have ourselves a dark and broke Christmas season, at least in Hinche, Haiti, the city where I live.

Funny... I don't hear anyone in the streets talking about any kind of government program to spread a little cash for work so the people can have a merry Christmas. We all know that unemployment is very high in Haiti. I wonder how this will affect l'Etat Haitien after the holidays.

When sadness surrounds you during the holidays, how can you have a happy holidays even when you have money to spend?

Happy Holidays to you... But I cannot say the same for the people in my city; I'd hate to say my country.

Happy Holidays

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Phillip A Manning says...

my number is 910 549 8916

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Eunice Tassone says...

When are people going to understand and realize that the actual celebration of Christmas has nothing to do with the commercial world which has exploited this religious holy day.

You can thank the USA for their spirit of capitalism for exploiting every religious holy day that can bring in $$$.

The Birth of Christ will still be celebrated and Haitians will be in their churches singing, praying, laughing, enjoying family and each other's company.

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Noel En Haiti says...

Pouvez-vous croire cela?

J'ai seulement vu un arbre de Noël dans la ville de Hinche Haïti où je vis. C'est dans le salon de beauté de ma cousine.

Bien sûr, il n'y a pas de boîtes-cadeaux emballées en dessous ...

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