If a Haitian gives birth to a baby in a foreign hospital, is the newborn baby Haitian?

What happens when a Haitian mother decides to give birth to her child on a foreign hospital? Is the baby Haitian legally?

PHOTO: Child and Baby Deported at Midnight from the Dominican Republic to Haiti

You know how bad the healthcare system is in Haiti. Many times, couples who have the financial capability travel to another country like the United States or the Dominican Republic to give birth to their child, especially if it is a complicated pregnancy.

What ends up happening when they get back home is that that have to lie to the local "Officier d'Etat Civil" (the registrar) and say that the baby was born in Haiti if they want to get a Haitian birth certificate for the child.

The Haitian constitution says in article 11:

"Possède la Nationalité Haïtienne d'origine, tout individu né d'un père haïtien ou d'une mère haïtienne qui eux-mêmes sont nés Haïtiens et n'avaient jamais renoncé à leur nationalité au moment de la naissance."

Does it matter where the baby is born if the mother or father is Haitian? Is the baby Haitian legally?

Did you know??? All babies born in the Dominican Republic by a Haitian or foreign mother who is not a legal resident of the country and the father is not Dominican is considered an "Estranjero!" -- A foreigner born on Dominican soil.

So if Haiti does not give these children birth certificates, they become stateless.

There is a serious identity crisis in Haiti that needs to be addressed...

What do you think about that?

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Jah Melchisedek says...

An bon reyalite an sa pral depann de lwa imigrasyon nan peyi kote ti moun sa pral fèt lan.

Pa examp, Sen Domeng, Bahamas, peyi sa yo enbesil anpil nan zafè nasyonalizasyon men pou gran peyi kote ti moun nan fèt la nenpòt jan se ak menm rejis lopital peyi kot ti moun nan fèt lan menm pou act de naissance ti moun sa

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Melle says...

Automaticment yon ti moun fèt nan yon lot country.

Li sipoze pote that country nationality.

Paske se la li fèt

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Marie France says...

Si li fèt etazini li se yon ameriken dorijin

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Malaicka says...

Mezanmi si l pa gen acte de naissance ki fet Haiti kijan l fe haitien la menm?

Sam diba mbkonnen l wi menw gen yon ka

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Lucksama says...

USA ap ba l passeport américain normalement li pap haitien OK, l'ap selman haitien d'origine paske manman l ou papa l

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Javier says...

L ap haitien paske papa m se haitien mwen fèt Venezuela mwen gen pasport venezuelien e mwen ka soti pasport haitien si m vle paske papa m se

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Waldeck says...

Wi! Ti moun sa ap ayisyen de san (prensip jus sangini); l'ap etranje de tè (prensip jus soli).

Se pou sa yap toujou di X d'orijin

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Valantin says...

Lap pi bon pou ti bebe a si l pa

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Francois says...

Etazini lap ameriken.

Sen Domeng depan:

Lwa pa yo an, pou yo rekonet ou kom dominiken fok gen yonn nen paran w ki domiken e fok li deklare timoun lan kom pitit li.

Nan ka tou de moun yo se ayisyen, wi timoun sa ap gen nasyonalite ayisyen

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