TPS for Haitians: Protected Status no longer justified for Haitians in the USA, State Department says

TPS For Haitians If you are Haitian living with TPS in the United States, this may be end of your protected status days... Read this from the US State Department... more »

Haiti Passport Notice: Pay DGI before October 1st, Get your passport for the same old price next year

PHOTO - Haitian Passports Passport prices are going up next fiscal year in Haiti but NOT if you pay the passport stamp (timbre passeport) to DGI before October 1st... Read this... more »

85 percent of the 10,000+ seeking asylum in Canada are of Haitian origin

PHOTO: Haitians with TPS fleeing the U.S. across the border to Canada According to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), 80% to 85% of asylum seekers are of Haitian origin. Others come from various countries, including Sudan and Turkey. more »

Haitians in Chile : More than 100,000 Haitians migrate to Chile in less than 2 years

Haiti: Peyi sa pa Ofri anyen, CHILI tèt Dwat Haitians are going to Chile at an alarming rate, by the end this year the number of Haitians who will be entering Chilean territory will be well over one hundred thousand in two year's time. Here are the numbers... more »

TPS: Les autorites haitiennes continuent de discuter avec l'administration Trump

PHOTO : Haiti Caricature : Trump says No more American Dream for young Haitians Le ministre haitien des Affaires étrangères Antonio Rodrigue a fait savoir que le gouvernement haïtien, à travers son ambassade à Washington, continue de discuter avec les autorités américaines sur le renouvellement du TPS. more »

Haitians in US fearing deportation by President Trump pour into Canada seeking Asylum

PHOTO: Haitians with TPS fleeing the U.S. across the border to Canada Many Haitians living in the United States are so afraid they will be deported by President Donald Trump that they've decided to stream across the U.S. border into Canada seeking asylum. more »

Haitians in the Dominican Republic fear deportation on a daily basis

Dominican Soldiers - the Armed Forces of Dominican Republic have about 44,000 active-duty personnel and they have work to do compared to Haiti Fear of deportation is the hottest topic among Haitians in the various "barrios" of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Almost everyday you hear stories of Haitians being arrested by Dominican authorities to be deported back to Haiti. Even on Sundays... more »

Dominican Immigration Bus Carrying Illegal Haitians Catches Fire

PHOTO: Dominican Immigration Bus on fire A Dominican Republic immigration bus carrying Haitian illegal immigrants to Haiti caught fire along the way not far from Elias Pina, D dominican border town with Haiti. more »

Haiti Immigration - TRUMP has until May 23 to decide on TPS for Haitians

Father Gerard Jean-Juste - TPS For Haitians Many Haitians in the Diaspora await their fate as the deadline for the Trump administration to decide whether it wants to extend temporary protected status for Haitians, May 23, approaches. more »

Income Tax Filings Seen Dipping Amid Trump Crackdown On Illegal Immigration

IRS form 1040 Millions of US taxpayers are rushing to complete their federal and state filings before the April 18 deadline. Among them are several million people Living in the United Stayes illegally, and there are signs that fewer such immigrants are filing than in years past. more »