New Haitian Passports Will Be Valid For 10 Years

Haiti Passport Haitian Passeport In order to get a visa valid for 10 years, you must have a visa valid for 10 years. Soon Haitian passports will be valid for 10 years. more »

Filipinos Migrating To Haiti Looking For JOBS

Haitian Passport Immigration Sortie Stamp Port Au Prince Airport While many Haitians in Haiti are dreaming of jobs and opportunities in foreign lands, some Filipinos workers are targeting Haiti as their land of opportunity. more »

TPS For Haitians Extended For 18 More Months

TPS For Haitians Good News for Haitians living in the US with TPS - The Department of Homeland Security just added an 18-months extension to the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for all Haitians living in the United States. more »

Immigration Scams In The Haitian Community

There are many Immigration scams and fraudulent immigration services taking place in the Haitian community. Some of them were found in Brooklyn NY and they are being sued by the State of New York as we speak. more »

382 Pictures of Haitian Immigration March in Miami Florida

I took 382 pictures of Haitians standing up for their rights in more »

Diaspora, Will you Ever go Back to your Homeland?

Were you born in the United States or did you come here? If you came here, are you planning to go back where you came from? more »

A Visit to the Refugees by Haitian Student Leaders!

Florida Haitian Student Association (FHSA) Woody's comments: This is the great work being done by the Haitian youth in Florida for their community. more »

Haitian Boat People... Should we be ashamed?

Good Morning, Once Again... Today I am about to discuss a very touchy subject; the subject that is all over the news more »

Haitian Boat People! It's Happening Again!

I've been told that the economic situation in Haiti is not a pleasing one. It's true that in every country the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer but there is one major the difference between Haiti and the US more »

Haitian Embassy Website

The Embassy of Haiti Web Site is an official site featuring much information about the Republic of Haiti, its Government, history, politics and culture; with many other links about Haiti more »