Depotasyon Haitiens nan St-Domingue, se bwote yo ap bwote moun...

Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians Men yon nouvel nan boush yon bos mason Haitien ki ap viv St-Doming: "Yo komanse revoke yon paket haitien ki t-ap travail, ki pa gen viza... Imigrasyon fin fou nan lari-a ap depote moun... M-tande si yo jwenn yon ingenie St-Doming k-ap travay ak yon Haitien ilegal, y-ap fe-l peye 300,000 peso..." more »

Amnesty International: Dominican Republic must retract ruling that could leave thousands stateless

Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians Amnesty International says the Dominican Republic should not implement a Constitutional Court ruling that could leave hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of foreign descent (mostly Haitians) stateless. If implemented in this way, the ruling would violate the Dominican's Republic human rights obligations. more »

Cuban baseball player Jose Dariel Abreu establishes residency in Haiti in order to cash in

Jose Dariel Abreu - - Cuban baseball player with Haiti Residency What are the advantages of becoming a resident of Haiti? For Cuban baseball player Jose Dariel Abreu it could mean $50 million in guaranteed money in the Major League Baseball (MLB). more »

Depute Arnel Belizaire Gets a TWO-DAY visa to the United States

Arnel Belizaire TWO-Day visa to the United States Have you ever heard of a TWO-DAY VISA to the United States? Well... That's exactly what Haitian Congressman (Depute) Arnel Belizaire got... a Visa valid for two days (48 hours) to travel to the United States... more »

I just Witnessed Dominican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians in Santo Domingo

Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians Dominican Immigration, a Racist Concept --- I just saw Dominican immigration officials snatching black people in Santo Domingo... I say black people and NOT Haitian people simply because that's exactly what they are doing... more »

Haitians Renewing a 5-year USA Visa No Longer Need Appointment or Interview, The US Embassy says

USA Visa Multiple On A Haitian Passport Good news for Haitian USA Visa holders... The Embassy of the United States in Haiti has just announced that, starting June 5, 2013, any applicant who already had a five-year visa will no longer have to interview with consular officers, nor to make appointments for visa applications in order to renew that visa. more »

Wyclef run-in with Immigration in Canada.

Wyclef Jean Holding His Green Card And Haitian Passport Haitian hip-hop star Wyclef Jean had a little immigration problem in Canada over the weekend. apparently, Wyclef misplaced his Green Card and could not provide it to Canadian immigration officials in order to enter the country. more »

Haitian-Dominican Activist Sonia Pierre Is Dead

Sonia Pierre, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama Haitian-Dominican human rights advocate Solange Pierre, aka Sonia Pierre, died of a heart attack on Sunday Dec 4. She was 48. more »

Citizenship Of Dominicans Of Haitian Decent Annulled By Domincan Republic

Haiti Neg Mawon Dominican Flag On Fire The Dominican government has confiscated or annulled nearly 1,600 birth certificates belonging to residents of Haitian descent. Dominican authorities argue that Dominicans of Haitian Descent should apply for Haitian citizenship... more »

Pregnant Haitian Women Crossing To DR to Give Birth

Dominican Customs Dajabon Ouanaminthe Border JIMANI, Dominican Republic - Hours before giving birth, some Haitian woman are crossing the border to the Dominican Republic to give birth? more »