HOB - Haitian Owned Business

Say Hello to the New "HOB"!

Haitian Owned Business
Article by: Woodring Saint Preux

The typical Haitian communities are disappearing. They are being replaced by a more sophisticated new breed of Haitians "Born and/or Raised" right here in America.

The sons and daughters of Haitian Immigrants are graduating college and they are starting up new businesses in their old neighborhoods.

They are providing a new level of service while maintaining their cultural - Haitian - heritage.

I am Haitian,
My business is NOT.

I think it's very important for those of us who are born and/or raised in America to identify ourselves to each other but there is a major question that we must answer:

How do we identify ourselves to the Haitian community without pushing away everybody else?

Say Hello to the New "HOB"!
Haitian Owned Business

To call a business a "Haitian Business" is to fail. If you have a business in the United States of America, it should be open to everyone.

Having a "Haitian Business" means having a business that is typically Haitian and caters ONLY to Haitian customers.

You would agree with me that this not the right way to do business in America?

As a community, as Haitian People, we've been conditioned to believe that "Pa Blan Pi Bon", "Bagay ayisyen pa fouti bon".

That's one of the reasons why your Haitian brothers and sisters are wasting their buying power on other Non-Haitian Businesses instead of keeping it in the community.

Since we gained our "Physical Independence" in 1804... again... We've been conditioned to believe that the french culture is better than our African heritage.

Someone is always there to remind us that we're inferior!

It's time for a change
Say Hello to the New "HOB"!

I came to America when I was 14 years old and I was able to sit in the same classrooms as the americans kids.

If I graduated from the same school they graduated then I can do business the same or better then they can.

It is time we do business the American way.

Know this... There many Typical Haitian Businesses in the community.


We still have many restaurants and barber shops who still provide their customers with the same level of customer service they receive back in Haiti.

That's english for "ZERO BARE".

No wonder the young Haitian Americans don't go to these businesses.

The young Haitian American business men and women are coming up with new flavors and to call them "A Haitian Business" would be unfair.

Say Hello to the New "HOB"!
Haitian Owned Business

A Haitian Owned Business (HOB) is a type of business that caters to everyone but is owned and operated by a Haitian American.

  • We understand Creole but we prefer to speak English.
  • We do not allow old folks to come to our place of business to discuss politics.
  • We are Haitian but first and foremost we are business men and women.
  • We provide our customers with very high quality Customer Service.
  • Yes... we listen to Haitian Music but we also listen to R&B and stuff.
  • We set our goals very high.
  • We love our community and our heritage
  • One more thing... "Nou Pale Kreyol tou!"

If you're still think Haitians in America as simply "boat people" then you're missing the boat.

We came here to learn and we have. Now we are ready to do business.

I hope this article make something very clear:

'Haitian' is a Nationality
Business is Business
Don't get it mixed up!

Article by: Woodring Saint Preux

Reproduction and Redistribution "IS" PERMITTED as long as full credit is given to the author.

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Topic says...

That was a very informative article.

I thought it was witty, realistic and interesting.

You made some very good

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Topic says...

Just re-read that article HOB...Well done dude, well done.

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