Dirijan Haitien yo chita ap kreye Sipesta pou Histoire d'Haiti

Mezanmi, kèm-m fè-m mal pou tout etidyan Haitien yo ki gen pou etidye Histoire d'Haiti pa kè nan tan ki gen pou vini la-a... Paske, anpil nan dirijan nou yo refize konpran wotè yo nan societe-a, yo chita ap goumen ak yon bann ti nèg fèb, ak fistibal nan men yo, marengwen ak batistè, epi yo monte yo nan nivo ki twò wo... twò vit... sa-w tande ya... Histoire d'Haiti antrave...

Cuban national hero Jose Marti Honored in Cap-Haitien

When I was a student at Lycée Dumarsais Estimé in Hinche, Haiti, I had to write this quote by José Marti, as punishment, 1000 times: "Si la naturaleza se opone a nuestra independencia, lucheramos contra ella..." That's all I knew about José Marti until today, I learned, not only is José Martí a Cuban national hero and an important figure in Latin American literature, he also spent a part of his life as a resident of Cap-Haitien Haiti...

Happy New Year 2014 - Happy 210 Haiti Independence Day!

Today is a Happy new year for everyone around the world but for Haiti and Haitians around the world, January 1st 2014 is also the 210th Independence day of the Republic of Haiti... So... Happy New year and Happy Independence Day...

Haiti on this Day, 4 December 1803

On 4 December 1803, the French colonial army of Napoleon Bonaparte surrendered its last remaining territory to Dessalines' forces. This officially ended the only slave rebellion in world history which successfully resulted in establishing an independent nation...

Haiti: The Lab Rat of the Modern World!

Do you know what they do to lab rats? I just finished reading The Secret History of the Haitian Earthquake and the only thing that came to my mind was: "Man... Haiti is the lab rat of the developed world."

$21 billion lawsuit for Slavery in Haiti to be Filed Against France

A racism watchdog group in France announced Friday it will file a legal suit against the Caisse des Depots (CDC) bank over its role in the slave trade in Haiti... French President Francois Hollande says "What has been, has been"

Haitian History : The First Spanish Settlement in the New World was near Caracol Haiti

Pop Quiz: What is the connection between Caracol Haiti, Christopher Columbus, La Santa Maria, Cacique Guacanagaric, Caonabo and La Navidad? Sit back... Relax... and let me tell you...

17 October 1806 - Did Dessalines Really Die In Pont-Rouge?

FACT OR FICTION? -- Haitian Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines actually died at the residence of Alexandre Petion NOT in Pont-Rouge on October 17 1806.

Comparing Haiti to The Dominican Republic Part 2 - Fate or Racism?

The New York Times published an article today comparing Haiti to the Dominican Republic.

Haiti - How Cite Soleil was born?

Cite Soleil has the reputation for being the worst bad ass slum in Haiti but did you know? Cite Soleil is a good idea in Haiti gone bad!