Haitians in Hinche Haiti gather to commemorate the death of Charlemagne Peralte (PHOTOS)

Charlemagne Peralte Statue - Hinche Haiti Haitian authorities, students and citizens of the city of Hinche Haiti came out Friday, 31 October 2014, to commemorate anniversary of the death of Charlemagne Peralte, The Haitian freedom fighter who led the "Cacos" against the U.S. occupying forces in Haiti back in 1919. There was a church ceremony held at the catholic cathedral in Hinche, then everyone gathered at the city square where flowers were laid in front of the statue of Charlemagne Peralte... more »

Haiti - UNESCO says Columbus Santa Maria Shipwreck needs further Investigation

Columbus Flagship Santa Maria - Shipwreck found in Haiti A shipwreck off the coast of Haiti believed to be he lost remains of the Santa Maria, the flagship of Christopher Columbus, requires further investigation according to a team of experts from The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). more »

Haiti - 19 September 1994 - 19 September 2014 - 20 years since 20,000 US Soldiers landed in Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon Solda Americain zam a la main devan yon poster President Aristide Do Haitians remember this story? --- 20,000 American troops landed in Haiti on 19 September,1994, to reinstate of Jean-Bertrand Aristide as President of Haiti... Aristide was overthrown 3 years earlier in a Military coup d'Etat. 20 Years later, how is Haiti doing? more »

Haiti Cruising Guide - Royal Caribbean to begin Excursions from Labadee to the Citadelle

Haiti - Coming Soon - Labadee-Citadelle Excursions from Royal Caribbean Cruises Going on a Caribbean cruise soon? I have some good news from Haiti - The Citadelle is about to be added to your Caribbean Cruise Experience... Yep! Soon you will be able to leave Labadee and visit the Citadelle, a huge fort in Haiti, it is actually the largest fort in all of the Americas and sits on top of a 3,000 foot mountain outside Cap-Haitien... more »

Marchand-Dessalines Haiti - First Black Capital of the New World

PHOTO: Marchand-Dessalines Haiti - Belle Entrée (Entrance) Marchand-Dessalines is a town in the Artibonite Department of Haiti. It is named after Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the leader of the Haitian Revolution and the first ruler of independent Haiti.... more »

UNESCO sending Experts in Haiti to Check Possible Columbus Ship

Columbus Flagship Santa Maria - Shipwreck found in Haiti A team of experts from UNESCO will examine a site off northern Haiti that an explorer believes may be the wreckage of the Santa Maria, the U.N. cultural agency said Monday. more »

Columbus' Flagship Santa Maria in Danger of Looting Off Haiti Coast

Columbus Flagship Santa Maria - Shipwreck found in Haiti "There is nobody watching the ship right now... somebody knows where we are," says underwater explorer Barry Clifford who fears that Christopher Columbus' 500-year-old flagship, La Santa Maria, found off the coast ot Haiti may be in danger of looting unless it is salgaved immediately... more »

Shipwreck found off Haiti Coast may be Christopher Columbus' flagship Santa Maria

Columbus Flagship Santa Maria - Shipwreck found in Haiti An underwater explorer claims the sunken shipwreck he found off Haiti is in fact the long lost remains of the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus' flagship from his first voyage to the Americas... This could be the biggest find in shipwreck history... more »

The Oldest Catholic Cathedral in America is in Haiti

The old Catholic church In Hinche Haiti, this is the oldest cathedral in Island Did you know? The Oldest Catholic cathedral in America, not just the United States, the entire continent, is in Hinche, Plateau Central, Haiti... This old Cathedral in Hinche was built in 1503 by Nicolas de Ovando... more »

Haiti Historical Dates: 7 Avril, Death of Toussaint Louverture

Toussaint Louverture Did you know? 7 April in Haiti is the anniversary death of the Toussaint Louverture, The Black Napoleon, leader of the Haitian Revolution. Toussaint Louverture died in the jail in Fort-de-Joux in France on 7 April, 1803... more »