Helicopter Crash In Haiti - Four Dead

More tragedy in Haiti - There has been another helicopter crash in Haiti and 4 Spanish soldiers died yesterday. The helicopter went down in the same mountainous area where were the first helicopter crashed back in October 9 On the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic where 11 people died.

The helicopter crashed in the area of Fond-Verettes, about 31 miles east of Port-au-Prince.

It is unclear what caused the helicopter crash in Haiti but according to the Spanish defense ministry, the helicopter was on its way back to Haiti from the Dominican Republic and when it reached the area of Fond-Verettes, they lost contact with it.

It is confirmed, four Spanish soldiers lost their lived in the crash.

With everything already going on in Haiti, it is sad to hear that those are here to help us are losing their lives in the process.

It is and unfortunate incident.

Our heart goes out to the family of these soldiers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

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Marianna says...

Hey. Why you start your thread in English but continue in French?

I don't understand.

It's unfortunate that I am unable to reply.


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Jean Rene Ernest says...

Rann sevis bay chagren.

Ils sont venus nous aider, maleureusement ils y ont laisse leur peau. PAIX A LEUR

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Guerlens Venet says...

vous perdez la vie en mission d'aider les autres tu es mort fierter et ton ame es liberer mes condoleance a tout les familles de ces soldats

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Miggy says...

It is very sad and a great loss for these soldiers' families.

That is the exact reason why those disrespectful Haitians who are always continuing criticized other countries that were against Haiti need to shut the hell up.
They have lost their whole lives while helping us. I hope I don't ever hear anything from any Haitians talking bad about other countries.

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Sidonie says...

I very sorry is a sad news for the Spanish country in for Haiti my prayer goes with him in the family may the good lord be with him amen in

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Sorin Emmmanuel says...


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Max Mills says...

I ' m totally agree with Serge it is not funny nor to take lightly.

A form of a serious investigation need to be carried on that zone before others begin to spread words that we are terrorists or else. Questions.

Is it a second of " Triangle De Bermudes " inside of Verettes?

Just watch out for the next event.

Condoleances to the families and the

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Serge Desrameaux says...

Woodring, There is something wrong in that area.
Des enquetes doivent etre menees par des specialsts internationaux pour comprendre le mystere de cette zone, ou s'il y a quelque malfaiteurs dans cette zone, pour les deloger, advienne que pourra.

On ne doit pas jouer avec cette affaire.

Je profite de cette occasion, pour presenter mes condoleances a la missioon espagnole en Haiti, et aux familles et allies affectes par cette lourde perte.


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