Port-au-Prince Haiti ranks the WORST in a world wide City Sanitation Report

When it comes to city sanitation ranking among the cities of the world, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, ranks among one of the dirtiest cities in the world. In fact Port-au-Prince is the dirtiest of them all, the report said.

Mercer Report - 2018 Quality of living City Ranking

Mercer releases its Quality of Living ranking each year and this year, Haiti won the "dirtiest city award."

What a shame!

Read what the Mercer report said about the importance of sanitation in a city as far as business is concerned and think about it... Is Haiti really opened for business?

City Sanitation plays an important role when companies decide where to establish locations abroad and send expatriate workers. Conditions used in the sanitation ranking include: air pollution, infectious disease, sewage, water availability and quality, and waste removal.

Basically, the Mercer report is saying that the mayors in the Port-au-Prince area are doing a terrible job and the city workers are getting paid for no reason.

What do you think about that

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Patrick Princivil Haiti is a shit hole, I don't waste my time with it anymore.
Reply · April 30 at 3:24 AM
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Subject: Port-au-Prince Haiti ranks the WORST in a world wide City Sanitation Report edit

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