Haitian Aransò - Haitians cook everything with Aransò dont they?

Smoked herring in Haiti is called Aransò (Harreng Saur) and it is used almost like a food spice the way so many Haitians use Aranso.

PHOTO: Haiti - Aransò - Harreng Saur - Smoked Herring for sale in a wheelbarrow
PHOTO: Haiti - Aransò - Harreng Saur - Smoked Herring for sale in a wheelbarrow

Haitians cook everything with aranso. You want to make the food taste better, put some aranso in it...

Spaghetti ak aransò (Spaghetti with Smoked Herring)

Spaghetti in Haiti often cooked with hot dogs and onions but we Haitians add the aranso in it to give it a better taste.

If your spaghetti don't have no aranso in it, it is not a Haitian style spaghetti

Sos Aransò

Smoked herring sauce in Haiti is called sos aranso.

Fry the aranso in a little bit of oil
Add some crushed garlic (called l'ail in Haiti)
Add some crushed tomatoes tomato
Add some diced onions
Let is simmer for a few minutes
and voila! Sos Aransò!

Haitians often enjoy sos aranso served with plantain (bannann), sweet potato (patat), or Yuca (manyok) in the morning.

Diri ak aransò

Whenever Haitians cook rice with vegetables, especially with oka (diri ak kalakou) they will add aranso in it to give it taste.

Lè razè menm, lage yon tet aranso nan dlo diri a epi w bon!

(when you are broke, just add the head of the herring to the boiling water of your rice with mixed vegetable and you will have all the flavor you need for some delicious Haitian rice bowl.

The head of the herring, called "tèt aran" is often sold cheaper than a slice or arranso, call "yon mak aran".

I'm grew up in Haiti, I know these things!


Mayi moulen ak aransò

Cornmeal and Spinach (Mais Moulin ak Zepina) does not taste good without adding some aranso to it. It just doesn't.

Mayi moulen / Mais Moulin (cornmeal) is to Haitians what grits is to African Americans. Mayi moulen ak fèy (corm meal with any kind of leafy green vegetable often with zepina or lyann panye) is typically served as breakfast in Haiti with a slice of avocado (zaboka)

Believe me. You just have to add the aranso to that tchen tchen (another word for mayi moulen).

For some reason, if the 'gou aransò' (the taste of the smoke herring) is not in there, you can feel that something is missing, being so used to the taste.

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Andre says...

Haitian Chiktay Aranso, Oh I love me some chiktay boy!

I went to my a barbecue at my friend's house and they made this spicy smoked herring mixture with onions and things.

they say it's called chiquetaille.

Spicy as hell but when you put that chiktay aranso between two slices of bread it taste so

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Josue says...

Haitian Pate Kode has aranso in it and it tastes so good.

How can you not include Haitian pate kode in your list of favorite dishes with

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