Haitians cook Everything with Aransò (smoked herring) dont they?

Haitian Cuisine -- Aransò (Harreng Saur), the name for smoked herring in Haiti, is used almost like a food spicing the way so many Haitians use it. Haitians cook everything with aransò. You want to make the food taste better, put some aransò in it...

PHOTO: Haiti - Aransò - Harreng Saur (Smoked Herring)

Sos Aransò - They make sauce with it, with tomato and onions, and they serve with plantain (bannann), sweet potato, or Yuca (manyok) in the morning

Diri ak aransò - Then cook rice with vegetables and add smoked herring to give it taste

Mayi moulen ak aransò - Corn meal prepares with spinach, they add smoked herring to give it taste

Spaghetti ak aransò - Spaghetti, often cooked with hot dogs and onions, they add the smoked herring to give it taste.

For some reason, if the 'gout aransò' (taste of the smoke herring) is not there you can feel that something is missing, being so used to the taste.

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Subject: Haitians cook Everything with Aranso (smoked herring) dont they? edit

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