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Haitian LALO - What is it called in English?

This is what Fey LALO (Jute Leaves) looks like - Haitians love to eat Legume Lalo Haitians love LALO legume but what is the plant called in English? What do you look for when you go looking for LALO in an American supermarket? Here is what I found out, plus I have a surprise for you... more »

Can I Eat Mangoes if I have Diarrhea?

Haitian Mango - It's Mango season in Haiti! Can you eat mangoes when you have diarrhea? The answer is YES. Did you know eating mangoes can help to control diarrhea? more »

Stroke and Hypertension in Haitian Communities, is it because of all that extra SALT in the way Haitians cook?

Haitian Food - Bon Manje Kreyol - How do you say Diri Shela in English? Most Haitians care more about their foods tasting really good than how healthy the food is. That makes me think: Stroke and Hypertension (high blood pressure) in the Haitian community, are they linked to all that extra salt in the way we cook? more »

Poisson Gros Sel, a favorite Haitian dish - But what is Gros Sel?

Poisson Gros Sel or Coarse Salt Fish, Rum Barbabcourt, a day at the beach in Labadee Haiti Poisson Gros Sel or Coarse Salt Fish is a very popular dish in Haiti. I always thought Gros Sel meant the fish was more salty than usual but no. more »

Haiti Cuisine: 10 goud LALO bay tout kay la manje, mesi manman doudou

Chodye Legim Lalo - Legume Lalo - Haitian Jute Leaves Stew Cooking in Haiti - 10 Haitian gourdes worth of LALO, a favorite dish in Haiti, can feed the entire household. That's good news considering the price of imported food is on the rise with the rise of the US Dollar in the country... more »

Intermittent Fasting - My Haitian father refuses to let fast at his house

Haitian Cuisine - Griot with Rice and Beans invades the New York Times LOL... My dad is a typical Haitian rice and beans everyday kind of guy. When I told him I was going to fast for 3 days straight, he flat out refused. Keep on reading... more »

Patate ak Lait, Bon Manje Creole

This morning I had a bowl of Patat avek Lait for breakfast thinking: "Hmmmm... Last time I had sweet potatoes boiled in milk (patat ak lèt), I was just a kid in Hinche Haiti." more »

3 Differences between Bannann Miske and Bannann Fig (Plantains vs Bananas)

Bannann Miske Haiti Haitian Cuisine -- There there are 3 major differences between bannan miske (plantains) and bannann fig (bananas) that you probably didn't know. Fnd out what they are right now. more »

What is considered a great Late Night Haitian Food Snack?

Sometimes, as a Haitian, you find yourself working late night and suddenly you get hungry. What you eat? What do you snack on? more »

Haitian Aranso - Haitians cook everything with Aranso dont they?

PHOTO: Haiti - Aransò - Harreng Saur - Smoked Herring for sale in a wheelbarrow Smoked herring in Haiti is called Aransò (Harreng Saur) and it is used almost like a food spice the way so many Haitians use Aranso. more »